Wednesday 9 April 2008, 11:34 pm
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I don’t know about you, but whenever I see Raquel Zimmermann’s name I feel like I have to say her surname with such verve and velocity, like ZIMMERMANN!!! (If you know what I mean, haha)

But couple her (decked out in the most gorgeous of dresses) with decathlete Bryan Clay and you really have fashion hurtled to the heights of the heavens and depths of the sea! Very wonderfully shot by Mario Testino.

Photos from style.com

It’s great to see so much movement and energy captured in a still, and that you can see it in so many places in a single frame – the hair, the tensed up muscles, the way the fabric trails behind…

(Psst, grab her glorious and speedy suede gladiator sandals from Calvin Klein!)

I love the Lanvin dress in the last picture. I already looked stunning on the runway (though I wasn’t keen on the dramatic, deep-coloured make up – think it takes away too much from the clothes!) but pictured like this, it’s literally breath-taking.

Photos from style.com

I don’t like exercising much. Not unless I can look as picturesque as this everytime (hur hur!).


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Ooh. Nice. I wish I exercised more! Must form a fashion bloggers “fit” club. Haha.

Comment by X-Wen

fit club lol. i know it’s good for me but i’d just rather be doing something else, like reading fashion blogs hahaha 😀

Comment by wottoncool

Her limbs!! Want some!

Comment by greenlaundry

I think one of the most over-used outfit in this season’s editorials are the Lanvin and Dolce &Gabbana gowns… but still, I really like Raquel’s fierceness.

Comment by Laila

greenlaundry: yeaaaa, especially in the third picture! she just works them so well
laila: yea i think the pieces have been quite popular with the stylists, but not many of the photogs capture it like that! yea she has strong features AND energy. fierce!

Comment by wottoncool

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