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Friday 11 April 2008, 2:15 pm
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Have you seen the front page of today’s (11 April 2008) ‘Life‘ section of The Straits Times?

Life Section

With all my heart, (and Jo will vouch for this) I am a fan of Chanel, especially their sunglasses.

But when I opened today’s newspapers and saw this…

Chanel Lip Gloss Advertisement

Doesn’t this freak you out? (At least a little bit?!)

The model looks like a ventriloquist doll (ruffled collar included!)

Thats not to say that ruffles are ALL bad. On last night’s air of Project Runway Season 4, the winning designs were ALL ABOUT ruffles.

The challenge was to create an avant garde look using the model’s styled hair as the inspiration for their piece. The designers are paired into teams of two, have a budget of $300 and two days to complete the look. On the second day, there is a twist (which i suspect was a last minute decision because most of the teams weren’t extremely pressed for time and they had to make the show exciting) the designers are challenged to make a second ready-to-wear look inspired by their avant garde piece. You can check out the introductory clip: http://www.seenon.com/project-runway/season-4/videos/episodes/episode-recap/episode-408-recap/

AND the interview with the winner: http://www.seenon.com/project-runway/season-4/videos/episodes/behind-the-scenes-winning-moments/episode-408-winning-moments/

Here are the four looks from the two teams that were in contention to win this challenge.

Looks 1& 2:

Punk Rock Princess

Photo from: Bravotv.com

Designers: Jillian and Victorya

My sister and I LOVE the trench coat. Can you imagine making that in two days?! Fully lined (with a funky tartan print) [that Rachel Law would ADORE] and a train to boot; BRILLIANT!!!

The accompanying dress has some ruffle details at the skirt. The team was pressed for time and (according to how the episode was edited) it seems that the team threw the dress together in 2 hours!

Looks 3&4:

Ruffles will take over the WORLD!

Photo from: Bravotv.com

Designers: Christian and Chris

The first look was made from 45 yards of fabric (which is slightly over 41 metres) *yikes!* But the judges obviously loved it. And it could not have been easy making the wire frame and cutting all that fabric. And kudos to the model for being able to walk in that mammoth of a dress!

But thats not to say that the model is drowned out by the ruffles. Which is more than I can say for this shoot.


I just hope this image does not leave a mental scar. :/


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oh i love look 3&4! amazing!

Comment by Rose

I love look 3 & 4 too! I have a soft spot for such colours hehes 😀 but yea the trench coat is very cool too! hahahaha I think the ad looks quite nice actually, a pretty clown ahhahaha

Comment by wottoncool

it’s a little clownish. oh and i love project runway 4!

Comment by Nicole Then

I love PR4! Finished already hehe. I’m happy that my fave won.

Comment by X-Wen

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