Fight a good fight
Sunday 13 April 2008, 12:26 am
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Fight a good fight with these almighty leather gladiator sandals from Free People! Forget just plain straps that go around your feet, you need some cool detailing reminiscent of shields all around the sandal that even Archilles would approve of!

My only worry is that they will make your calves look ginormous seeking that they end slightly above the ankle and cut in a circular shape. Sigh. Give me Zimmermann’s legs and all will be fine.

I know Eclecticism stocks Free People, but I’m not sure if they bring in these. Please do! ):



Pardon, the title, I simply could not resist! But this entry is nothing like F+ART 😀

I love the idea of merging fine art, or illustration or any other form of visual art with fashion. I think many people would find that the line between these two mediums is kinda blurred anyway.

Here is Masha D’yans from Russia, who creates lovely water colours that hints strongly of graphic design and illustration qualities.

Gorgeous bleeding and clean whites

Vibrant colours and insanely delicate strokes. I also like the bold marker strokes in contrast to the texture of watercolour.

Pictures from masha.com

Her playful, sensitive, colorful and tactile painting style draws on a plethora of inspirations including fashion, animation, calligraphy, Japanese art, nature and, of course, Russian fairy tales. Whimsical and sophisticated, her themes are evocative of a child’s imagination: euphoric abandon, everyday mystery, and the beauty of imperfection.”

I love her style, so bold, idiosyncratic, easily recognizable, but yet it allows the viewer to bring more meaning and message into her work (her works were mostly on greeting cards).

I’m so glad I got one of her works on a t-shirt (the last picture!) that I purchased from Urban Outfitters about a month ago (:

Watercolour has been a favourite of mine since my upper secondary school days. I struggled and am still struggling with the medium. It is so versatile, it gives you so much whiteness but so much character in the colours at the same time. I never fail to be in awe of new watercolour techniques. It is so so exciting to try!