Fight a good fight
Sunday 13 April 2008, 12:26 am
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Fight a good fight with these almighty leather gladiator sandals from Free People! Forget just plain straps that go around your feet, you need some cool detailing reminiscent of shields all around the sandal that even Archilles would approve of!

My only worry is that they will make your calves look ginormous seeking that they end slightly above the ankle and cut in a circular shape. Sigh. Give me Zimmermann’s legs and all will be fine.

I know Eclecticism stocks Free People, but I’m not sure if they bring in these. Please do! ):


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wow that’s a cool footwear

Comment by The Fashion Assistant and her Camera

LOVE the sandals! I’d be so sad if i got them wet :/

Comment by pinks

hey! i just took a better look at your blog, how come you guys manage to get so many cool stuffs from zouk flea? lol i was literally SQUEEZING through my way and ended up with nothing!

Comment by Rose

rose: haha i really don’t know either! pinks got quite a few items, but i got only a belt and a ring. we went quite early, right about 2.30pm?

Comment by wottoncool

Rose: I have to agree with you, it was quite a SQUEEZE :/ didn’t help that i had my big (heavy) bag and laptop to lug around. But i think jo had a very big part to play in egging me on to spend so much money that day. hahas. then again, i allowed myself to succumb 🙂
I wore the mustard-yellow vintage dress the other day. must say, it looks very post-war. (my sister made fun of me for wearing it, but as the sass and bide slogan goes: ‘love what you love without hesitation’.

Comment by pinks

i like it how the toes peep out its reall cute and sexy
i got white ones and i wear mine with black tights

Comment by Danni Broome

where can I find these???

Comment by JoJo

honestly, I’m not too sure myself. But I’m sure you can find similar designs (though maybe not as cool) online and stuff.

Comment by wottoncool

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