Djurdjica Kesic
Tuesday 15 April 2008, 12:43 am
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Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Djurdjica Kesic seems to pluck ideas from just about anywhere and translate them into jewellry and other objects (objects! like something from a part of an installation, maybe?) that inch their way into my giant book of desirables.

Armed with a diploma in metalsmithing and degree in interior design, Djurdjica churns out fluid, organic, raw, but conceptually profound jewellry.

Take a look at these!

Vessel ring that conceptually contains, carries, transports what is personal to one. The dimensions and form for this ring stems from the body, emerging from the contours of the hand.

This ring series reflects interest in exploring the notion of preciousness within the seemingly non-valuable. The rarity of the material is not any longer the defining aspect that renders the object precious.


In the ‘Transitions’ series the starting point is an old, reclaimed chair. Through observing its function, form and materiality and through a series of interventions, a number of jewellery pieces have emerged.
Transience occurs on a number of levels: from one form to another, from one function to another, from one context to another.
Additionally, yet another transition took place: the chair that once housed the body ended up being housed (worn) by the body itself.

Text and Images from djurdjicakesic.com

What is not to like? Change, transience, transition, transformation piques my interest. I love the transitions series.

I hated doing preparatory work when I was doing art at ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels – why can’t I just start on whatever I like and want, whenever?

But now I see that sometimes it’s the thought that goes into the pieces that makes it so – awesomely – cool

(Ashamed) Actually, I’m not sure if Djurdjica is a he/she ): Care to verify?


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jo! where you find the time to find all these things?!?! (I’m now in the midst of rushing a report that is 2000 words over its limit) :/ its 5am in the morning and I WANT SLEEP!!!! ))))):

Comment by pinks

Hey thanks for the recommendation! That pair of is great~ but the one i’m looking for should be a pair of simple heeled oxford:)

Cya around~

Comment by Rose

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