Wednesday 23 April 2008, 11:50 pm
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ok, my exams are over and Jo has been bugging me to update.

There were several interesting finds at the felt sale.

First up were pear-shaped coats by Jayson Brunsdon, fully lined, all seams hidden, in jim thompson-esque thai silk.

The material was stiff enough to create a scrunched effect but was not stiff enough to make to collar area have more volume. It gave me the impression of ‘neither here nor there’. Moreover, there weren’t any buttons so you’d either have to find your own brooch or leave it as it is. (Jo thought she looked like an onion) We didn’t get them, but they were really fun to play in. hehes

and Jo, had some flasher tendencies

(she did something like that again on the train today, but it was an attempt to keep me and a friend warm on the journey home)

There was also a Hansel jacket.

Top: Marks and Spencer’s tank top

Jacket: Hansel Sample Jacket

Bottoms: by Melly

Shoes: Charles and Keith boots <3!

AND a Zambesi wrap top (that strikes me as a more wearable version of Balenciaga’s Spring ’08 RTW collection) even though it is from the Winter 2006 collection.

Photos from Zambesi and Style.com

But the Zambesi wrap at felt was in a dark blue fabric with red and pink ovals. (if you click on the Zambesi link, the colour is called ‘confetti’)

The model’s hair covers the shoulder details partially but the silhouette is similar. What I like about the Zambesi wrap is the tie at the waist, even if tied loosely, it still creates an hourglass figure.

By the way, does anyone have a camera to recommend? I’d prefer to post better quality photographs for everyone’s benefit. My budget is about $500 (I suppose) [even though I don’t have money to spare after all my purchases from felt

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shh don’t tell anyone of my flashing tendencies! hahahhaha. i love your coolios boots+jacket getup. especially how your pants just skim the top of your boots YUMMY!

Comment by jo

the hansel jacket looks great!

i sort of like the fun brunsdon coats too! they look really funky!

Comment by sheryl wong

Was it you I saw at Felt? Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. You look so familiar! Love the jacket too!

I’m using Panasonic Lumix FX33 and I really love it. I used to be a Canon user, but the batt life really sucks.

Comment by X-Wen

[X-Wen] ya! i do get rather annoyed that my Canon does not show me how much battery life i have. grrr. and yes, you did.

[sheryl wong] the coats are fun, although, to me, i dont see it having a lot of mileage. Its like one of the pieces you, sometimes, need to CREATE occasions to wear them to..

Comment by pinks

Canon takes good pictures (I like the warm colour, not cold & icy like Sony!) but the only thing that sucks is the batt life. And Sony sucks, haha. You pay for the brand name and design but lousy pictures.

Haiyah, why you did not say hi…!

Comment by x-wen

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