A day at the races

If you are attending Formula Drift Singapore,

our sunny island’s first drifting competition, on 27 April 2008 at the Changi Exhibition Centre (the same place that the Airshow was held at. Yes, the place in the middle of NOWHERE!!!)

Here is some fashion advice.

1. Wear long pants. There is nothing worse than a funny tan line (unless you really like them). Even though it might be slightly warm, you can always change into something that is more comfortable just before you leave the venue.

2. Wear covered-toe shoes.

But, preferably NOT ballet flats.

If not, Ballet flats + Hot sun =

(please note that i’m referring to the difference in skin tone on the feet and toes, NOT the nicely painted toenails. hahas)

3. Bring sunnies and a coolioz cap

4. Drink LOTS of water. Don’t be shy, bring out the camel/water trough in you. The sun can be quite unforgiving.

5. Slather on SUNBLOCK (like there’s no tomorrow)!!!

Hope to see you there!! (I’ve volunteered to be a marshal for the event)


  1. oh, those weren’t my toes. (I would walk a longer route to stay out of the sun) And I usually apply sunblock on a daily basis. (So far, I find the Nivea whitening sunblock lotion SPF 30 to be the best, does the job without being too sticky) The toes belong to a Mrs. Ang (I forgot to credit the toes to her. And the ‘Mrs.’ is a bit deceiving, because she is in her early twenties. (:


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