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Tuesday 29 April 2008, 6:02 pm
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I remember when my godmother used to knit and crochet vest, tops and little pouches for me… when I was in primary school and didn’t feel that I was too cool/grown-up for such things yet (: They came in the sweetest pastels and most intricate of details.

I also remember learning the basic of basics of knitting a year or two ago from my art teacher, together with Pinks…

The only think I don’t remember, is wearing them recently!

Fashion.st recently featured Nina, who just has a knack at wearing knits! She doesn’t wear just one knitted piece, she wore up to three at a go!

And if you were visualizing a fluffy bubble of some sort

All pictures from Fashion.st

Ah, I shall put my knitwear experiment outfit on hold until the weather decides to be nice to all of us. I’ll just take this time to stock up on knit, heh 😀


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She’s so pretty and i love her brown sandals. And i think she makes it look good cos she’s on the thin side. When i used to wear knitted cardigans, i looked like a sheep! Not that i realised back then but when i look back at photos… YELP!

Comment by greenlaundry

heh, i guess the skinniness helps! but i guess she does the texture really well. knits are heavy, but even knits have different textures, like layering something very scalloped with something plain. wooo i wanna try it soon (:

Comment by wottoncool

hey! hahaha did the CAPS scare u so bad? Lol. Well cos i try to follow what people put as the titles for their blogs… you know, maybe you put it in caps for a reason and i went ahead and made it title caps? Hahaha am i just being silly? I can change it! Let me know?

Comment by greenlaundry

ooh, i love her sunglasses. makes me so tempted to get another. oh and thanks for the link 🙂 i’ve linked you back!

Comment by Nicole Then

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