Mighty Tighty!

Picture from Facehunter

Some designs and prints on tights and leggings come off as extremeeely tacky, but this one is really cool!

It makes me want to be a canvas too!!!!!!!!!!


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I want a pair too!!!
The asymmetry bothers me, yet i like them A LOT! hahas.
think eley kishimoto has interesting tights, especially some of their past season collections. dont know if the Front Row stocks their tights though.

Comment by pinks

Nice, I really really love this look. Now, where to find?

Comment by X-Wen

i have absolutely no clue ): i was thinking i’d DIY, but tights aren’t the best material to DIY with. PLUS IT STRETCHES! GAH!

Comment by wottoncool

I FOUND THE PEACOCK STOCKINGS!!! (they were featured on fashion156.com) Its from theshopfloorproject.com its 34pounds. link >>>http://www.theshopfloorproject.com/mhpeacock.htm

Comment by pinks

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