Laced with love
Wednesday 7 May 2008, 7:22 pm
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Picture from facehunter

Check out her necklace yo!

How cool is that! Dish out those doilies and do something funky with it! hahas.

Anyway, I remember seeing an asymmetrical lace necklace for sale on someone’s website, but i cant remember the link and photo )):

But after doing some searching (Google, basically) I came across Rosie Buck’s portfolio. designer jeweller silversmith, her designs are ornate and delicate. Delish!

Pictures from rosiebuck.com

(isn’t the necklace STUNNING?!)

It also got me thinking about chain mail jewelry. If images of men of medieval times in armour wielding swords, hold onto your horses there sister! ;D turns out, chain mail CAN be very delicate too. it took awhile to find presentable pictures… but

Pictures from Silverweaver.com

check out the extensive collection at the silverweaver site!!

who knew you could do so many things!! and its very interesting when the designer uses different coloured chains to create different patterns as well. But i think the variations in sizes of the chains creates the most interesting effects. ❤

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the rosie buck ones are lovellyyy. i like the whole silhouetted feel to it, and the bracelet on the mannequin’s palm is really gorgeous too

Comment by wottoncool

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