These are a few of my favourite things

These are A FEW? of my favourite things?

I was looking up some photographs when I found Jeong Mee Yoon’s “The Pink Project”. Yoon was inspired by her 5-year-old daughter’s love for pink and decided to photograph all of her daughter’s favourite pink objects – be it toys, books or stationery. She went on to photograph other parents’ daughters and sons together with their favourite items.

Photos from artnet.com

W. O. W. these kids sureee are lucky. They boys even have a hint of smug on their faces! I like spending money and shopping for myself, but I love buying/making gifts too. But having a kid is like, buying stuff for one whole other person! How will I bear to spend thattt much! I can’t imagine.

But why the pink for girls and blue for boys? What about all the colours in between! You know how infants have their photographs taken right after they’ve popped out, the girls are always in pink and the boys are always in blue, and all the gifts from friends and relatives are all colour coded.

When I have my own kids, I want colours like magenta, plum, lime green, canary yellow and all the other yummy colours.

Actually, I need all these colours in my cupboard now.

I put all my clothes into to cupboard, one consists of all the clothes with black and dark colours, the other with white and light colours.

You will see that I am in dire need of a wardrobe detox when I put up pictures, haha.

I think if I laid out all my favourites they’d form a very depressing grayscale. When I have an option of colour/print v black/white, I usually opt for the latter thinking it’ll be easier to match. Hell yea, now I have a lot of things in the same colour to match.

But it’s okay, I will stock up on PRINTS and BRIGHT HAPPY COLOURS on my trip to Hong Kong, in EXACTLY A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!



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well, too much of any ONE bright happy colour will get you to the same place too. :/ hahas. does make for a great photo though. hahas. and BUY MANY THINGS ON YOUR TRIP!!!

Comment by pinks

yeah, since I saw this (I believe on apt therapy??) I’ve had several conversations about it. Whenever I am getting gifts for babies or children I try to pick in between colors like green, orange, yellow, purple. Kids just have a lot of stuff, and they are going to be trained to their gender in so many other ways that I couldn’t go all pink or blue with my kids.

Comment by Pam

pinks: you bet i will! hahaha omg i cannot wait for mj on monday. have you heard about the THEME? 😀

pam: that’s great to know! but i think it’s gonna be a hard habit to break for the vast majority of people. i mean even the stuff on sale don’t coincide with what we’re trying to do, haha

Comment by wottoncool

i cant believe we are having a THEMED mj session, but its quite fun&funny. hahas.

Comment by pinks

now that is CRAZY!!!!

dun remember having that much things in the same colour back when i was a kid, at least not in pink!hah

anyhow, awesome shots eyh!

Comment by Chelle

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