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Thursday 8 May 2008, 8:20 pm
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Picture from theshopfloorproject.com

Omg part of me is just dyinnngggggggggg to have these! If you don’t understand mine… or mine and Pinks’ infatuation with these, you ought to be reading this

My tights/leggings/misc-hosiery count is currently a big, fat, round, ZERO! But would I splurge 34pounds on these???? That’s about 100SGD.

I have ugly stumpy fat legs that don’t look nice in leggings. What the hell makes me think that they’ll look as pictured above on me?!?!

Le Sigh

Anyway, the shop floor project also has other hand printed tights that are equally pretty, but nothing will yank me out of my love for these peacock printed ones. HOW DO I HAND PRINT ON TIGHTS?!!!!!!!!

I’m so happy Pinks found them! Thanks my love! (Though I’m not sure if we can get it at all.. they only ship within the EU!)

I’m still in the midst of exams ):


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I love these.

Comment by Pam

i dont know if i’d ever pay 100SGD for stockings, but they ARE beautiful. sigh.

Comment by pinks

thanks so much for linking me.
i lovee your blog!

and these are awesome 🙂
i think you should buy them!

lets keep in touch 🙂

Comment by Jenny H.

jenny: you’re welcome! haha i think we’ll get them if we can get someone within the EU to buy it for uss… but at this moment there’s NO ONE! ):

Comment by wottoncool

wah! SGD$100… hmm, that’s very ex for stockings. The thing is – its a seasonal fashion item, so unless you have cash to splurge, do it. If not, save it for something more classic.

Comment by x-wen

x-wen: yeaa that’s why i’ve been thinking of ways i can do this one some cheapo stockings, haha

Comment by wottoncool

I’m always a sucker for printed tights. To be honest I’m a sucker for tights in general and I love those!

Comment by Adge

adge: lol i think there are quite a few tight addicts out there, and you must be one of them! but yay glad to know that you love these wonderful printed ones too (:

Comment by wottoncool

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