[Travel] Itinerarararararary!
Sunday 11 May 2008, 12:53 am
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Come Wednesday, I will be embarking on a three hour journey to the land of massive, intrusive, in-your-face, overwhelming, but at the same time, spectacular advertising, cramped spaces, long outdoor escalators, a jumble of multicultural space… a land of thick juicy and fatty char siew (I can imagine Sarah recoiling in a corner!), smooth slippery lai fun, thick, meaty, savory roast goose, a myriad of mini servings of snacks called dim sum, and also, AJ!@HDOSA(#KSNASHDJSASHOPPING!!!ALS!EI)A@UFHAKS#^

I have effectively 6 days overseas, cos I’m leaving at 11am on the 7th day. And I might be spending one day each at Macau and Shen Zhen, so that might make it just 4 days in Hong Kong itself

I’ve been looking at the archives of I Love Kyurii, Susie Bubble and Nitrolicious for some ideas, cos they seem to have something to do with Hong Kong, and of course the usual touristy websites that pop up in almost all of my searches.

Here is a mini itinerary so that I get the best of the best in Hong Kong

Day 1
New Territories – Yuen Long
Visit some of my boyfriend’s relatives and check in in our super cheap and spacious hotel
Tour the place a bit
Maybe go to HK Island at night to visit the Peak

Day 2
Kowloon/Mong Kok/Tsim Sha Tsui
Visit this wholesale shopping centre with lots of cheap goodies
Look for electronics stuff with boyfriend
Visit some shopping centres
Buy half of whatever’s on display at Uniqlo, lol
Temple Street Night Market

Day 3
Hong Kong Island – Central/Causeway Bay/Wan Chai
H&M in Central – buy everything I see, HAHAHA
Sneaker Street?
Small quaint shops with cute stuff

Day 4
Basically R&R
Looking forward to this biergarten in Murray House

Day 5/6
Macau/Shen Zhen
if not repeat any of the above.

I feel Day 3 is kinda ambitious, heh. Any suggestions?

If you’re wondering why I’m so crazy about Uniqlo and H&M, its because they have not reached our shores, and we can’t access them online! ):

I feel that I neeeedddd more to do over there!! Fill me in!

AND YAY EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Jo dances)


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I think you can skip Macau – nothing to buy, go if you really wanna see the sights, don’t mind the squeeze with waves of ppl and wanna check out view from Macau Tower/casino decor/branded stores. Else replace with another day on HK!

Comment by Char

char: ahh, okay. i shall talk it out with my boyfriend. thanks! 😀

Comment by wottoncool

HONGKONG! i’m happy for you, yet at the same time i’m jealous. lol

Comment by Rose

To cover up your sin for not bringing me, your beloved sister, you shall shop for me even more. mwaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Comment by linn

Hey you. I haven’t even work on my list yet. LOL. I just remember some cool shops at Causeway Bay which I don’t remember the names. There are some indie designer shops there. Be sure to shop for Uniqlo too, if you like their stuff.

Comment by X-Wen

rose: hehes, thanks darl!
x-wen: yea i think i’m gonna hit uniqlo when i’m there. do you think i need more than a day to cover central and causeway bay?

Comment by wottoncool

you practically covered most important places. please allocate more time at H&M, the place is perpetually crowded. GO EARLY! Miramar Uniqlo is quieter than the rest. Giordano concepts and ladies! its cheaper and expect great service!

Comment by clare

clare: oooh okay, thanks for all the tips! 😀

Comment by wottoncool

Erm, I did Causeway Bay in a day the last time round. Unless you miss something out – then scurry back there for another half a day?

Comment by X-Wen

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