Lindsay Lohan’s 6126
Tuesday 13 May 2008, 11:20 pm
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Lindsay Lohan released a brand new range of leggings called 6126.


So far we’ve spotted the metallic lurex ones, zip-ups, and also leggings with… wtf, KNEE PADS? Okay, so quilting makes stuff look more pricey and uppity and classy, but on LEGGINGS?

This might put a halt to my mounting hosiery love, haha.

I have to add that I really hate her make up and her horrible tan.

Anyway, I got quite a few good buys today (:

Tangs is having a sale and members get additional discounts and rebates for practically everything. I bought something from Playhound, again. And it’s a bubble skirt, again. Pinks is gonna freak out, lol.

I also got my first pair of sheer tights! Yes I like tights and leggings but I haven’t owned one because I cannot reconcile myself with them… with my fat stumps. I’ve been making do with admiring them on other people, and also borrowing my sister’s, haha! 😀 I got them from This Fashion at $5! Don’t give me looks for going to This Fashion!

Pictures after I get back from Hong Kong! I’m leaving in a few hours. Pinks shall update with her art/fashion insights while I’m gone to the land of wonderful food and polluted air.



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It sort of makes sense seeing as she wears a leggings A LOT….would like to see them in person though…

Comment by susie_bubble

i think the knee pads one looks o-k while lohan’s face looks bad, btw did they get inspiration from volleyball players or something? lol

Comment by Rose

Have a good time! I wish Lilo would go back to red/auburn!

Comment by Pam

I love leggings and stockings. I wonder if it’s going to make its way to Singapore

Comment by X-Wen

susie_bubble i guess so.. think it is easier for people in countries with cold weather to understand the business prospects of leggings, but in Singapore where it’s hot and humid, leggings aren’t the most friendly of wears!

rose volleyball inspired! hahahahah, that’s highly probable.

x-wen i guess if it does it’d probably be in a multi label store kinda thing… just a flagship store of leggings here? hmmmmm

Comment by wottoncool

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