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Wednesday 14 May 2008, 11:54 pm
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As jo mentioned in an earlier post, we had a mini THEMED mahjong party 😀

Before the ‘party’ began, we took several photographs

of us, waiting for the schoolbus…

being very studious…

basically, taking silly pictures!

The accessory choices were like icing on cake, a yummy chocolate cake (*slurps!) hahas. jo had a thumbdrive, an ibook remote control and lanyard reading ‘1337 G33k’ as necklaces. Moo had suspenders (which jo, who could not pass up the opportunity, snapped at least twice!). Angel had an oversized sweater. And i had a small pouch, a Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers’ collar pin and a glitter fish hair pin. Not forgetting the high socks which (everyone commented) made me look more like a mainland Chinese.

Jo and i are already thinking of more themed parties. hehes.

hope you enjoyed this post! (because there are more to come!!!)

with that, the psuedo PRC and chip ‘n dale rescue ranger’s collarpin bid you farewell!

Sarah, the psuedo PRC


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I wish I had more friends here who are into mahjong….

Comment by susie_bubble

cute pictures! hahaha

Comment by Nicole Then

susie_bubble have you heard of viwawa.com? it’s an online mahjong site! but be warned, because my friends tell me it is quite the serial time waster!

nicole thanks! (:

Comment by wottoncool

hahahaha i have chip dale collar pins too
oh, sweet memories

Comment by plain.jane

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