Laura Mccafferty

I bought the book Imagemakers awhile back and have used it as a reference on several school projects in the past.

Recently, I took it out again to read and felt compelled to share the talent of Laura Mccafferty from the UK.

Her style and approach is unique and intriguing. I find myself lost in her pieces, trying to figure out HOW she puts everything together. Using a combination of careful planning, pen, paint, screen print, appliqué AND hand stitching, Laura puts together such intriguing illustrations.

from scenes

to fashions..

These multi-disciplinary works are available for purchase on the Laura Mccafferty website. And in the book Imagemakers, it features just five of Laura’s works which are cropped, close-up compositions that offer  suggestions of details using stitching and layering fabrics.

i wish i could sew, screen print and paint like that! (either separately OR in combination) and a Laura Mccafferty illustration would be nice as well. (:

Sarah, drooling over her copy of Imagemakers


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ooh. nice.

Comment by X-Wen

There seem quite retro, almost vintage, that’s beautiful !

Comment by Violaine

what gorgeous illustrations! the combination of these different mediums to create art is beyond imaginative and captivating.

Comment by Adge

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