Egg Yolk Love
Friday 23 May 2008, 11:10 pm
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I remember how my friend likened her new deep yellow nail colour to that of an egg yolk. I like eggs – salted, preserved, scrambled, with mayo… anything! I wouldn’t eat it raw, but it looks really pretty raw. Then I decided anything in yellow and white must look quite acceptable 😀

Here’s what I wore to watch Iron Man today. Yes, I know it’s a little late, but it was a free movie pass that came in just as we left for Hong Kong! Luckily the show is still running 😀

Dress: from Forever 21 (my sister’s)
Outerwear: Navy striped double breasted jacket from East Point Mall SGD20
Belt: Yellow faux leather belt from This Fashion SGD8
Bag: Yellow and white tie dye from H&M
Shoes: Yellow leather tie flats from HK Wholesale Centre HKD200

Close up of my shoes. Or our shoes. And my boyfriend’s hairy legs 😀

I like my cool new leather tie shoes. Especially the bright happy yellow colour! But I don’t know if I am starting to love yellow a litttllleee too much. I bought egg yolk coloured tights (SGD8 from This Fashion) and tried them on with my shoes (:

Is it… too much? I usually wear black, white and grey. Yellow’s kinda a level up, haha.

Promised some outfit shots of the stuff I bought in Hong Kong. Here’s an interesting pair of bottoms from Giordano Ladies.

It’s actually a pair of culottes. I had to flare them out so that the legs can be seen. If not it’ll look just like a skirt. But I managed to make them look like a draped skirt too!

Spot my new grey heels from Hong Kong too! HKD200 each from the same shop I bought the yellow shoes

Managed to get it look like something else with the help of a good ol’ safety pin. But I know it’s not too good for the fabric, or the pin, cos its a heavy suiting material.

Top: Grey v-neck basic top from Giordano Concepts HKD90
Necklaces: Black choker from This Fashion SGD8, Malleable silver necklace/bracelet from Shen Zhen RMB30

Top: Grey camisole corset from H&M
Bottoms: Black playsuit from H&M
Outerwear: Floral short sleeved cardigan from Shen Zhen RMB100
Bag: Beige tote with multiple zips from HK Wholesale Mall HKD100
Shoes: Beige low wedges from HK Wholesale Mall HKD150
Hair accessory: Malleable silver necklace/bracelet from Shen Zhen RMB30

Yay for silver nails!

I know I said I’d buy colours and prints, and I did buy colours and prints in HK, but wearing yellow the whole day was quite visually exhausting for myself, hahahah.

I leave you with a happy me in Hong Kong enjoying the last of my steamed milk custard and steamed egg custard looking like a real half-boiled egg 😀


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i love your shoes! argh, there are v little interesting shoes like those in singapore… 😦

Comment by Nicole Then

nicole thanks! haha yea, gotta scour singapore quite thoroughly for cheap and unique shoes. but it was about the same in hk too!

Comment by wottoncool

Nice yellow shoes! Love the jacket too. Haha, and your poses are sooo cute.

Comment by X-Wen

hey may i know which hk wholesale mall you went to? mind giving me the address and directions on how to get there? i’ll be going hk in early july

Comment by sam

x-wen thanks! 😀 haha yes i love the jacket, especially that i got it for so cheapp!

sam it’s called Hong Kong Industrial/Wholesale Centre, and it is just above Lai Chi Kok MTR Station. For more details refer to https://wottoncool.wordpress.com/2008/05/23/hong-kong-mai-dong-xi-chi-dong-xi/

Comment by wottoncool

The grey heels look good! and prolly go w just about everything. and i love milk custard!!!! is tt the shop near Jordan mtr stn on Pilkem st?

Comment by Char

char hmm, the street i’m not so sure, but it is near jordan mtr station

Comment by wottoncool

I *adore* those yellow shoes. The grey ones are pretty fab, too.

Comment by ambika

ambika thanks! the yellow ones are the ones i really love. i think i might wear them out too soon!

Comment by wottoncool

Hi, this is random, but do you stay at yishun?

Comment by shiying

love yr yellow flats 🙂

Comment by plain.jane

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