Proud as a Peacock
Monday 26 May 2008, 8:56 pm
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First there was the pic from the Sart, then Pinks found the Bebaroque tights from theshopfloorproject.com, which got me thinking about how I could diy these tights.

Pic from The Clothes Horse

Then I found a post by The Clothes Horse about her drawing peacock designs on her own tights, and I immediately whipped out my new yellow tights and fabric marker and started doodling!

I wore black tights under my yellow tights so that my skin wouldn’t be stained by the fabric marker. But in the end, it kinda still did, though it was nothing that some soap and water couldn’t rid!

Here’s a close up of the completed project! (My dad just walked past and thought it was a tattoo.) The lines are not as clean as the real thing, but I think I’m okay with the sketchiness of it (:

Pardon my sleepy face and cheesy stances!

Top: Topshop singlet, Giordano Ladies hooded cape cardiga
Bottoms: Mango tailored shorts
Tights: Yellow DIY tights that I just made today!
Accessories: River Island handcuffs necklace, This Fashion faux gem choker, Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet watch

I think I shall embark on the fringe tights next. I should be able to sew them on!


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wow, those are amazing! good work! wish i could do that…

Comment by kirstie

it really looks gorgeous
great job!

Comment by horst

kirstie, horst thanks! do try it cos it’s really easy!

Comment by wottoncool

you’re too cute…:) putting u on my fave blog list 🙂

Comment by Diana Rikasari

that’s awesome! but does this mean you can NEVER wash those tights? heh

Comment by zann

diana thanks! i actually think i subconsciously took cues from you, haha

Comment by wottoncool

zann no i can wash them! haha. i used fabric marker. i also tried it on a old t-shirt and the elastic band part of the tights and ran it under water, so washing shouldn’t be a problem at all!

Comment by wottoncool

Those are amazing they look like the real thing. You’ve inspired me to give it a go! x

Comment by Sarah

sarah heh that’s great! do post pics on how they look!

Comment by wottoncool

jo! you are absolute genius!! hehes. may i order a pair from you?!?

Comment by pinks

pinks ORDER? no way! you cannot order from me, i am MAKING one for you! what colour tights do you want? (:

Comment by wottoncool

Wow – that is really quite stupendously cool!

Comment by susie_bubble

surprise me!! yay!!! hahahas

Comment by pinks

amazing! really wonderful DIY!

Comment by Pamcasso

The results were amazing! I love it and now I am tempted to try it myself though my artistic skills are none so good as yours.

Comment by Grace

oh daymn, arent u good with ur drawings/sketchings!!!…amazing work jo…=)

Comment by Chelle

awesome tights!!!

Comment by saray

thanks all! 😀

Comment by wottoncool

yay i have a genius sister which makes me genius and ten times fashionable too har har har!

Comment by linn

i like it!! i REALLY LIKE IT!

i think i might DIY my tights too, ahh thanks for insiprat’ing me. lol

Comment by Rose

Hi thx for your comment on our blog.Do you want to link?Let comment to let me know 🙂

Comment by Mimi

Thx 🙂 you too

Comment by Mimi

wow reminds me of a dress from Alexander McQueen’s Fall 08′ collection! very chic 😉

Comment by Laila

rose i hope you have fun doing it! 😀

laila actually the first thing i recall from McQ’s fall 08 is the horrible hair, lol. but yes the peacock feather dress!

Comment by wottoncool

Those yellow tights are SO creative! I cannot wait to see the fringe ones 🙂

Comment by Emily

Wow! You did an awesome job! Haha love your poses.

Comment by X-Wen

Hahaha. Skimming through all the comments, I guess everybody’s already commented on how awesome your tights look. But really, kudos to you for drawing awesomely – the rough sketching really adds to the entire look.

Also, I shall comment on something different :)… um… your posing! Hahaha. Scary, predator poses – very creative 🙂 haha.

Comment by ok-jk

You inspired me : I decided to draw on my tights … I will try to do that ; anyway, I guess it won’t be as beautiful as yours, I am far from being talented as you are !
Your blog is a really nice blog, one of my favorites.
Greetings from France 🙂

Comment by Violaine

hah well… maybe not in tt eyepopping yellow for me..

Comment by Char

emily i’ll see when i have the time to do them haha

x-wen heh, a tad cheesy, but who cares! 😀

ok-jk thanks! actually when i draw stuff usually i steer clear of from sketchiness, i just can’t stand it! i think it’s just cos i haven’t been drawing for so long i cannot control it, haha

violaine thanks violaine! i guess mine look okay because i copied it straight from bebaroque! which is not very nice… or original… but it is pretty! haha

char yeap, the yellow doesn’t take too kindly to the eyes. but i figured if i screwed up the drawing i wouldn’t have wasted a pair of tights that i wear a lot!

Comment by wottoncool

very innovative! definite thumbs up 🙂

Comment by Vogueite

that’s amazing 🙂

Comment by Nicole Then

hah, i would try if i could draw a line without shaking. mine would end up like a big scribble. boo.

Comment by kirstie

OMG, they look fabulous!!! If I could draw (which I can’t), I would try this immediately! ❤

Comment by Old Rich Vintage

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