Women are from Venus
Friday 30 May 2008, 1:57 am
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Women are from Venus, and men stay at home, while Sex and The City is making it’s rounds around cinemas all over the world.

At least that is what ThisIsLondon.co.uk suggested!

“Many cinemas full to the brim of extremely excited women – and hardly a man to be seen” – they say!

The extremely excited women bit sounds kinda funny. At this point in time I can only imagine girls up to my age (ie 19/20 – omg 20! ): ) extremely excited.

But, if I had to base all my observations solely on that picture above during the premiere- yeap, those are some extremely excited women, and the men do stay at home. Unless they’re useful.

1) They are tall enough to tower over everyone else to take a good shot of the red carpet action
2) They are armed with a good cam, or good lens to take a good shot of the red carpet action
3) They are strong enough to hoist you onto their shoulders so that you can take a good shot of the red carpet action
4) They are cute enough to lure the red carpet action in your direction

In any case, I am dragging my boyfriend to watch Sex and the City with me 😀


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I’m really not looking forward to sitting with a bunch of Carrie wannabees and watching this…

Comment by susie_bubble

susie i guess the whole “phenomenon” is a little crazier in london than it is here! i should be safe. haha

Comment by wottoncool

wow, he’s really going with you? as much as my boyfriend loves me, there’s no way he would deal with the hordes of screaming girls to see that.

Comment by Emily

emily haha after my boyfriend read my entry and your comment he protested and said that i didn’t have to dragggggg him there, he would just go like any normal person, heh. i’m quite lucky i guess! make accomodations for each other!

Comment by wottoncool

Ha, I went to see Iron Man on Friday night, and you could totally tell that the theatre was overrun with groups of women and teenage girls going to see SATC. They were all wearing high heels and dressed up.

Comment by Pamcasso

pamcasso hahah okay as much as i kinda dissing how everything related to SATC – diet coke, swarovski crystals, the whole hype, i’m still pretty eager to watch the movie!

Comment by wottoncool

ahha i can imagine alan falling asleep in the cinema why dont you bring me instead 😀 😀 😀 no need to drag i’ll run hahahahahaha

Comment by linn

My boyfriend came with me to see it yesterday. He said he actully quite enjoyed it, don’t know if he’s just saying that to make me feel better for taking him!

Comment by Sarah

Oh my god, I am so jealous! I couldn’t watch because I am not yet 18 (hmph!) But the clothes are really to die for…

Btw, I have added you to my blogroll already!


Comment by Laila

sarah i hope he really did! but you never really know with guys… hahaha

laila thanks laila! i keep seeing the SATC ads everywhere and it just makes me heave a big fat sigh, lol. maybe you can find the movie online? (:

Comment by wottoncool

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