Kira Plastinina
Thursday 5 June 2008, 11:47 am
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Left, Kira with Paris Hilton. Right, her father
Picture from NYMag

Kira Plastinina is a 16 year old girl/brand/prodigy/fashion-enthusiast/daughter of a rich Russian father who happens to have her own fashion empire called “Kira”.

I was at first amazed at what she managed to do within these 16 years of her life (I was just following parents’ orders and trying to ace my studies), then I realised, it’s not anything a rich father can’t do!

I guess this is another teenage street chain, and I question if she is really that talented o.0 With Paris Hilton as her role model? How more wtf can that get? But there is also the board of designers!

Anyway I think the picture of Paris and Kira above looks quite scary. What hideous shade of red is that on The Heiress’ pout, and tulle is not meant to be worn like that, ever!!!!!!

Okay I really don’t know the direction of this post. Channel for releasing jealousy?

Part of me says it’s just marketing-marketing-marketing.

Spam marketing spam marketing spam marketing.

I don’t think this post has anything to do with fashion. I think I’m just ranting at what a tortoise I am, not going out there to learn and do what I want, heh.

I find it funny and demeaning at the same time when NYMag referred to her as “the brand” one it was describing her going to school.

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eehh, money can buy it all? what can I say? you said it yourself actually, look at that picture!!

Comment by Andrea

Quite astounding how far Kira has got… I do give her more credit than most though… I don’t automatically assume that just because her family is rich that her success is all down to that…. she probably does have a lot of drive in her…

Comment by susie_bubble

susie hmm, i never saw it that way – that she had drive! i think i let jealousy get the better of me. my response was really quite automatic

Comment by wottoncool

Her dad looks overworked, poor guy. Her ambition of opening, what, 250 stores within a year, was it? And I really wouldn’t want my label to be mixed with the likes of PH. I’ve avoided Guess for a long time now. The Urban photo of one of her stores makes it look like white-trash fash

Comment by Char

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