Do you love to Swirl?
Monday 16 June 2008, 8:33 pm
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Swirl‘s latest collection is gonna launch on Saturday 12 June, 2pm at Stamford House #02-05 with a tea party!

I love all the cartoony hand drawn add-ins in their photos. *Swoons at cute clothes and even cuter drawings*


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I just saw the photos on their blog too! they make me smile (:

Comment by pinks

thanks so much for swooning 🙂

Comment by zann

These pics are great! I have never seen such an scenario. Love it

Comment by Charlotte

cute illustrations! love that ruffly top!

Comment by Pamcasso

I’m not familiar with this label, but it looks really great!

Comment by something_picasso

pinks you wanna go together? hehe.

zann i can’t help it!

charlotte, pamcasso, somethingpicasso yeap, pretty refreshing eh? 😀 this is a singaporean label they carry vintage stuff in their boutique as well! do check out their website (:

Comment by wottoncool

Ah! These are too cute! :3

Comment by Michelle

Really fab illustrations; interesting real/drawn juxtaposition! Can’t wait to check out the line!

Comment by couture carrie

Oh so pretty. I really liek the first and last looks.

Comment by Austere

jo when?! 😀 excited!!

Comment by pinks

pinks saturday 2pm at stamford house 😀 teehees! if you wanna go then i’ll rsvp for the both of us, if not i don’t think i wanan go aloneee

Comment by wottoncool

jo i can’t ): already made plans to go prawn fishing on saturday. tell me how it goes though.

Comment by pinks

pinks then i don’t think i’ll go.. i don’t wanna go alone haha

Comment by wottoncool

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