Chee Sin Mui
Tuesday 17 June 2008, 6:54 pm
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A while ago, Susie Bubble took on some wtf -fabric and labelled the entire look “chee sin mui”, which translates to crazy girl in Cantonese!

Sometimes people at home say that I’m chee sin, but never in the way that Susie Bubble looked – which was quite awesome! haha.

Here’s another chee sin mui moment

A very darling Carrie looking haphazardly and hazardously put together! Those booties she’s tottering on on slippery snow, that hugeeee fur coat and ditzy disco sequined cap all over pjs?

If you could see my face right now it looks something like -> o.0? complete with the question mark.

Well every now and then I get to play around with clothes and mannequins that don’t belong to me, haha. So here’s my !attempt! at the chi seen mui 😀

Okay somehow the chee sin-ness doesn’t comes across very well in the picture. Maybe you need to add a face and actions. You can try to imagine my o.0 face 😀

Soooo this is what went into it
1) Plain orange flutter sleeve top with stripe trimming
2) Floral print square neck sleevesless top with lace trimming
3) Stripe denim jumper dress
4) Braces from an orange high waist skirt with stripe trimming (tied in a bow)
5) Brown leather bag

Do you feel me?

ph34r t3h ch33 5!n! (fear the chee-sin! okay I’m sorry I go into bursts of 1337 sp34k [leet {elite} speak])

Wow, the last time I used that many brackets was in math.


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Ah…my chee sin mui moment…many of those left in me yet despite my nearly being 25…

Comment by susie_bubble

that’s a totally awesome mix!!!! 😀

Comment by Diana Rikasari

I like it! Wild works.

Comment by enc

a hilarious and fantastic ensemble.

Comment by annabanana

i would wear that in a heartbeat if singapore weren’t so hot…

Comment by raq

susie that’s great, you should share more of those with us! haha, so we will muster up our courage to be chee sin 😀

diana thanks! 😀 i guess you have some chee sin/crazy days too? (:

enc, annabanana heh, thanks guys 😀

raq i feel you! i think once oct/nov hits we’ll be able to walk down the streets like that

Comment by wottoncool

I love that outfit, I would totally wear that! 😀
Maybe I am a chee sin mui at heart…

BTW, your blog is fantastic, I’m putting you in my links! Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

Comment by Erin

LOVE those magenta leggings, they’re so great!

Comment by Cupcakes and Cashmere

Adorable jumper!

Comment by Margherita

Oh man, Carrie’s look confuses me but I love it still.

Comment by Wendy

erin haha well i think there’s a bit of chee sin in all of us. thanks for the link, we’ll return the favour too, cos we’re starting to love your photog!

cupcakes and cashmere yeaaa, they pull susie’s whole outfit together

magherita yeaa that’s a really cute jumper by sass and bide 😀 i love the bubble bottom!

wendy you cannot imagine how furiously i’m nodding my head now, hahaha. her styling is both cool and queer, and they often leave me in speechlessness that swing both ways – “WTF?” and “ahhhh, so this works too!”

Comment by wottoncool

hahaha chee sin mui!, i love that. and i would totally wear that outfit on the mannequin! (if i could be a little girlier)

and needless to say susie bubble always always captivating!

Comment by greenlaundry

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