Button Blues
Friday 20 June 2008, 3:18 pm
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I was clearing out my closet when i came across this Arthur Yen jacket.

This jacket belonged to my mom, who cant recall when she got the it although i think 10+ years would be a safe estimate. Its a lovely jacket, that (i feel) still has a lot of life in it. It reminds me of a chanel tweed jacket, although the print is very different. And other than the arm holes being slightly big, i’d wear it in a heartbeat for school presentations or dinner functions.

However, as cute as the buttons are,

I think a swop would update the entire look of the jacket.

i found a few buttons which i think might work, but i thought that i’d ask for some suggestions.

The following buttons are from k & j crafts

The current buttons are 35mm, but i think making the button holes smaller shouldnt be much of a problem. My personal inclination is towards the first button; metalic and rounded, it has a more contemporary feel.

or should it have a matte look, like the rest of the jacket? blending in with the fabric?

or stay true to its vintage nature and stick with a classic mother-or-pearl gleam?



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hey yeah, it was from “chocolate factory”. everytime i try to avoid going in there because it just have the power to make my wallet lighter. lol

Comment by Rose

That’s a nice find in your wardrobe… that reminds me, I need a good sort out too…

Comment by susie_bubble

I think matt silver/bronze simple would be nice. Cause its already prints-loaded so you simple neutral buttons are best in my opinion =P!

Comment by Sarah

I like the last ones. Will give a very cleancut look.

Comment by Margherita

hrmm, those daisy buttons are really cute! put them to good use after you swop them 😀 that said i really dunno which buttons to swop them with.

Comment by jo

classic lover here, I’d leave it as it is. It’s really cool!

Comment by Andrea

I agree with you, the first one would be really nice with all that contrast going on. But perhaps in a larger size? Else them buttons would be swallowed up by the print.

Comment by tweefeet

Mmh! I might be a bit too late on this one; ahh! I have so much of your blog to catch up on! Vacation does that to devoted blog-readers I guess haha.

Anyways, what did you end up choosing?!

Comment by ok-jk

thanks for the comments everyone!

ok-jk i havent picked yet. still thinking about it. plus everyone has such mixed opinions about the buttons. hahas. (:

andrea i dont know if i have the courage to wear such funky buttons!!

one of these days, i’ll probably head to chinatown to scour for suitable buttons. (: maybe i’ll find something even better! who knows?! ;p

Comment by pinks

ok-jk i think we’re very flattered to hear that you’re a devoted blog reader of ours! 😀 we didn’t know we had one 😀 thanks (:

Comment by wottoncool

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