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Sunday 22 June 2008, 4:26 pm
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I’m an unoriginal, cheating, ultra major copycat!

I was at Daiso (the horrible place that has everything from cosmetics to handicraft to gardening to food products – which makes you want to buy everything because it is just $2) with my boyfriend to help him look for some travel toiletry bottles for him to bring into his camp after he enlists for national service (army).

Then I spotted these lengths of zips, colourful zips, star zips, floral zips, silver zips, zips that you can cut to your own length.. then wait – ZIPS YOU CAN CUT TO YOUR FAVOURED LENGTH!

I got three long pieces at a go ($6 WTF) and spent half my day at work and the whole of last night making it.

It has ugly stitching and all, but I don’t intend to be that close to anyone for them to be able to spot that… It also doesn’t have a zip stopper (whatever that’s called) so the zip can come right off I don’t stop right before the hem. But of course all i have to do is zip it up from the bottom when that happens.

Worse still, it’s kinda to big at the waist and too small at the zip for me, so I just leave the back undone to accomodate the size.



Caged in a cage, in a cage, in a cage, in a cage

That’s the E.T. look, the semi chee-sin mui look, and the superwoman look. Wahahahha.

Top: Black silk/cashmere v-neck jumper from Mango Suit
Dress: Convertible black and grey dress/top/skirt from Baylene
Leggings: my sister’s
Pants: Silver denim pants from HK
Heels: Open-toed booties from HK
Headbands: Diva

(Okay I think I’m becoming a not-so-closet/secret Susie fangirl. And maybe also a bit of Diana. Heh.)

The long/mini dress/top you see in the last three photos is actually a convertible dress/top/skirt that i bought from a local designer – Baylene a week or two ago. There are supposed to be at least ten ways you can wear that thing, so since I splurged quite a bit on it, I think I better find more ways to wear it.

I like wearing it over my face. But it is not very practical, no?



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Nice idea!!! This thing becomes so popular 😀

Comment by ivoreece

it looks awesome! you are so good. haha.

Comment by kirstie

Your so very creative always making such cool things! I love the dress/top skirt thing, it’s great when you get somthing thats so versatile.

Comment by Sarah

Sweet job, I love that the zippers only cost you $6! This Daiso place sounds too good to be true! I really like it, especially at waist level, if that makes sense.

Comment by Jill

wow it turned out great! love to see how you wear it!

Comment by Pamcasso

ivoreece, kirstie, pamcasso thanks! 😀

sarah yeap i’m quite the sucker for versatile pieces you can wear anywhere. i feel it makes my money spent more worthwhile haha

jill sure it makes sense! i personally like it best worn like a tube top

Comment by wottoncool

Haha, awesome!

Comment by Margherita

How cute! Also, I love your blog name. I always do that.

Comment by pretty face

That’s absolutely amazing!

Comment by susie_bubble

margherita, susie thanks! (:

pretty face thanks too, but what is it that you always do?

Comment by wottoncool

The zipper cage is really creative! It reminds me of DSquared2’s stuff, awesommmmmme.

Comment by Laila

Ohhh, and your poses are so cute! That superman one… LOL

Comment by Laila

Oh sweet DIY project. And I love going to Daiso and just looking for some crafts material.

Comment by Wendy

laila thanks 😀

wendy daiso is mildly addictive! because everything is so cheap you just feel like buying everything!

Comment by wottoncool

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i wanna make one tooooooooooo!!!!

Comment by Diana Rikasari

u’re mad.. mad mad mad~~

Comment by Char

diana you really should!

char i hope it’s a good kinda mad – if there’s such a thing haha

Comment by wottoncool

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