One is the Loveliest Colour
Monday 23 June 2008, 11:35 pm
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I came across this freaky article from NY Mag.

It’s not five people you meet in heaven or something, it’s five people who wear just ONE colour, and maybe even one particular shade of a colour every single day.

I mean, I had a red phase, then a black phase… now I’m trying to be in a prints phase (lol), but these people must have a friggin medical condition!

The old lady dyes all her stuff in kelly green (read: GRINCH GRINCH GRINCH GRINCH!), the young lady is irked even if the soles of her shoes are not grey, another man will not go for an event simply because it says black tie, and he doesn’t wear black – only brown (ass wipe ass wipe!).

I think if I had any friends like that I would flip. What if at my wedding, black tie is an imperative, and he/she doesn’t usually wear black??



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There’s a line between pickiness and obsessive compulsive disorder…but I don’t think that line is very fine. I mean having a weirdly quirky obsession with anything isn’t that big a deal, but only wearing brown?! Yeah, that totally screams “poo.”

Comment by Cammila

Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and it’s been really entertaining! I just wanted to tell you that the writer of this article actually has a really good blog called A Cup of Jo. You should definitely check it out! 😀

Comment by nudnik

it’s pretty ocd, Cammila is right, but I do find myself picking the same colors over and over, grey in particular.

Comment by Pamcasso

camille, pamcasso exactly! those people must be of a different species.

nudnik oh yea! i didn’t notice the writer’s name. i’ve only been reading a cup of jo on and off. thanks for pointing that out (:

Comment by wottoncool

Yo! they were taken at my friend’s birthday party. We did not really “played” though, i just thought it was really interesting.

Comment by Rose

lovely and strange post!!wow..


Comment by catherine ashley talks fashion

hahaha, as freaky as these ppl are….i cant help but go…’this is soooo coool’……it is kinda..isnt it?

i dun mind having a grey-filled wardrobe though…grey is love.

Comment by Chelle

rose ooh okay. yea it is pretty interesting! makes for cool photos with all the square and lines

catherine yeap, very disturbing indeed

chelle it’d be cool if i had entire wardrobes of different colours. but a grey/silver one would be cool cos i’m in that phase now too 😀

Comment by wottoncool

I know right, when i read this article the other time, i was thinking how is it even possible. I mean…. that’s just way too difficult to do. They are a very interesting breed. Hmmm.

Comment by greenlaundry

This made me laugh!!! Wouldn’t it be very annoying if you saw something you really loved and it was in the wrong colour!

Comment by Sarah

green laundry hmm seeing that you’re quite a colourful person i think it must be unimaginable for you. but i really wouldnt mind a wardrobe full of greys and silvers now

sarah well yes i think so! though i can’t decide if they’d even cast a glance on things that are not in their colour of obsession

Comment by wottoncool

I just saw the all-blue girl on another blog . . . craziness!

Comment by Couture Carrie

um this is quite freaky. don’t get me wrong, i can wear white almost always since it looks crisp and clean, but in the winter, it would make me look like casper.

Comment by Cupcakes and Cashmere

these pictures are intriguing. as much as i love black, i don’t think i can wear it everyday.

Comment by Eleh

couture carrie pretty scary, no? haha

cupcakes and cashmere haha yes, white against white is a bit of an overkill! we had this joke in art class whenever we came across colour field paintings – we’d say we come up with a painting called white rabbit on snow, or black panther in darkness hahahaa. good times!

eleh i used to for a few months last year, and i couldn’t stop buying black either! now i’m kinda regretting that and stocking up on a lot more happy colours (:

Comment by wottoncool

wow. very interesting. i don’t think i could ever only live with ONE color. noo way!

Comment by Fashionispoison

I READ THIS ARTICLE TOO! The only thing I could think was “OH MY GOD!!! What is wrong with those people?” Especially the grey girl! The thing with only that shade of grey and her soles! I mean, she almost sounded sick!!!

Comment by Sophie

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