The Cardigan vs The Pirate
Monday 7 July 2008, 1:12 am
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That’s what the Guardian titled its article on the Wimbledon finals between Federer and Nadal (again).

From wimbledon.com

Nadal is really cute, and hot, and SPANISH! But someone, please tell him to stopwearingthoseugly PHORTS! (pants-shorts) they’re at such a horrid length.

On the other hand, I’m in love with Federer’s very preppy-cute cardigan with RF embroidered in gold. Oooh.

Was two sets down… but Federer for the win!


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agreeing. AND someone should also tell Nadal that it’s possible to get underware that does not bother while competing for a Grand Slam. He spent the whole match ‘placing’ his underware .Did anyone see it? does he always do that or was it laundry day at Winbledon and he was wearing the too-tight underware?? all a mystery…

Comment by Andrea

andrea OMG YES I KNOW! it’s like he gets a wedgie every 5 minutes! i was just joking with my bf – cos i thought he dressed a bit too much like nadal today (sleeveless top with over-the-knee pants, AH!) – that he should flex his arm all the time, jut out his rear more, and adjust his undies every few minutes, LOL. that said, nadal is still damnnnn hot.

Comment by wottoncool

what an exciting matchup. I admired federer’s preppy cardigan too.

Comment by Pamcasso

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