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Saturday 12 July 2008, 11:48 pm
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Will you get me this? Please?

From marcjacobs.com, it costs only $1.50! (I don’t know what currency it is in, but either way it’s not expensive!)


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oh my, i want that too! i’ve done my research, you can get it on ebay. it usually comes in a set with a compact mirror, about US17.99 for a set. good luck!

Comment by pinktuutuu

I have the pen and the heart shaped compact mirror (I bought them in Japan) I love them, good luck with your search.

Comment by Hayley

haha, those are really cute!

Comment by Nicole Then

Cool! I actually saw these at the Zouk flea but they were $29 each, not MJ somemore. lol

Comment by Rose

pinktuutuu oohh thanks for the tip off!

hayley i’m jealous! thanks anyway (: shall try and do something about pinktuutuu’s tip off

nicole yessss! i guess when i do get it it’ll be too precious to use

rose rip off! haha

Comment by wottoncool

I’ve seen lipstick shaped vibrators too. I assure you, all my lipstick is the real thing.

Comment by WendyB

I’ve heard you can call the Marc by MJ sales and they can fax you an order form. You just fill it out and they can ship it to your house (they charge for shipping and handling)

I’ve never tried it myself, so don’t hold me to it!

Comment by something picasso

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