I’ll pick up the tab
Thursday 17 July 2008, 10:18 pm
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I remember about 4 or 5 years ago, my friends and I would down a regular can of soft drink and then pluck out the can tab and keep it in our coin compartment of our wallet. All these can tabs would then go to Sarah, who was going to make a can tab/wire tree for her art project.

The idea was novel! It seemed so cool to make such a pretty thing out of something as insignificant and tiny as a can tab.

But look here!

When I saw Maison Martin Margiela’s Can Tab Cascade necklace, and bracelet and ring, I was instantly reminded of Sarah’s sculpture!

I think I might have to start forcing my friends to give me their can tabs too. DIY for the win!


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wow, these are beautiful.

Comment by Pamcasso

cute! get sarah to make someof these for you. (:

Comment by soon lee

so cool! I cut my lip on one of those when I was a kid…

Comment by emilie

pamcasso they’re exquisite! i’ve been daydreaming about showing off the bracelet on my wrist.. haha

soon lee yeap i think she’d know better than me!

emilie yes that was what i was thinking too! if i did attempt a diy i would have to find a way to blunt those sharp edges. have yet to figure that out 😡

Comment by wottoncool

i remember working with can tabs. (it makes your hand stink a bit, from the metal) but i think the mixtures of different sized can tabs is very nice.. i’ll try and find a photo of my sculpture to add to this entry soon. promise!

emilie i remember stepping on one of those pull-out types.. :/ not a fond memory, i must say.

Comment by pinks

[…] I’ll pick up the tab […]

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