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Saturday 19 July 2008, 10:46 pm
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As promised, these are some photographs of an art project done in 2004.

sorry, i only have photos of photos :/

but maybe the more detailed shots shed more light..

The tree trunk and roots was where the bulk of the tabs were twisted into the sculpture. As well as the modified ‘leaves’ that spiral upwards and ‘change’ colour.

The branches, on the other hand, consisted mostly of wires with varying thickness weaved together.

The sculpture no longer exists, but the concept behind it was to create something (hopefully) beautiful out of something unassuming. Trees, i have always felt, are beautiful. (and i literally, would walk around school staring at trees to try understand how to shape my branches and also comment on which trees look nice and which didnt look as pretty)

During the experimentation stages of developing this idea, i even made a crude ring (of sorts). Not sure where it is though :/

But I must say that Maison Martin Margiela’s work, here, is very inspiring. I’d LOVE to see the pieces up close to see how its all put together. Whether the bands holding the tabs allow for movement. And if so, how does it stay in that position and not slip. And what was done to make sure that the wearer doesnt get scratched my the rough edges then the tabs are plucked off the cans!!


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hmm i think the necklace was just made with those regular jump rings that will allow for movement. don’t think a stiff necklace would sit very nicely. i don’t know how to get rid of the sharp edges though… solder? file?

Comment by jo

yeah.. i wouldnt want to wear a necklace tt would pull on the fabric of the clothes i wear.. :/

Comment by pinks

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