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Sunday 20 July 2008, 4:17 pm
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Since jo put up a post on thrift finds, thought I’d write something about it too. (Although, i must say that i highly doubt i could out-trump her glamourette find with a better bargain)

Recently, I helped a freelance photographer friend (say that 5 times!) style a photoshoot (photos will be posted when i get them 😀 ! ) to build her portfolio. We went to the Salvation Army Family Thrift Store at 309 Upper Serangoon Road. (there are other outlets as well)

And these are a few of our finds…

Navy floral print vest/top (a cute mid-drift in its hey-day, with no missing buttons!)

Small circular pouch with embossed and stitched details. (the strap was falling apart, so i swapped it with a strap from another bag.. tts why the strap looks slightly disproportioned with the small pouch)

(and my favourite!) a picnic basket!! or maybe a dog carrier?

hahas. I just thought this bag was so cute. cant wait to bring it to school/go for a picnic/maybe even visit the beach. (and all because of the bag!!!)

Do you find that there are some things that simply compel you to do things just so you can show it off?

a new cocktail dress = night out with the girls for drinks

new beach tote = an afternoon on Palawan beach soaking up the sun

And not only do you have to go places/do things, you must dress to match the item.. hahas. (: i do that.

Anyway, the reason we hit the thrift store was because the shoot was on a tight budget. We got the top for $4 and the bags for $12 each. Reasonable (by my standards, at least). The only thing that annoyed me, somewhat, was that the prices were written onto the bags.. The picnic basket has its price written on one of the knobs (in thick blue marker) *grr!* But i still love it. (:


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was that the picnic bag you told me about? I LOVE ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! why did they write the prices on the items? the last time i went there they weren’t… or maybe i didn’t notice.

Comment by jo

oh gosh i love that place! I managed to find a floral jacket for $4! amazing isn’t it?

Comment by Nana

That’s a cute picnic bag! I haven’t been thrifting in ages.

Comment by X-Wen

jo i dont know WHY they would VANDALIZE the pretty bag. if you look closely at the knob below my watch, you can see the blue markings.

Nana i agree. its a cool place to visit once in awhile. But you must spend some time going through the racks and evaluating the ‘potential’ of the pieces. And i think LUCK is key!

X-Wen you should! i had so much fun that day!!

Comment by pinks

I love the dog carrier/picnic basket!

Comment by something picasso

The straw bag is wonderful….very versatile…

Comment by susie_bubble

Wow! Those bags looks great!
Loving the round bag’s details and for that pinic bag, tie on a scarf and it would be the quintessential beach look! Looks very usable too!

The Salvation Army at Bukit Timah, which is nearer to where I live, sadly don’t have such awesome pieces. I’ll try this Serangoon one someday!

Comment by bingboompia

Heya, I looked through this blog after I saw your comment on my site. I really like both your styles and posts, so if you don’t mind, I’m linking you back. 🙂

Comment by Brooke

Those bags are reall great. I love all the unique finds you can hunt up at thrift stores!

Comment by The Clothes Horse


Yeah, the sun’s serious, i was not burnt thought but became darker-_-.

Comment by Rose

That round purse is very cute!

Comment by Benedicte

That round purse is very cute.

Comment by Benedicte

That straw bag is wonderful! Maybe it’s time to hit the Salvation Army at Serangoon. (BTW, you can try swabbing the marker ink with cotton buds. Just be careful to test it out on a small area first to see if the colour will run.)

Comment by kay

something picasso & susie_bubble thank you!

bingboompia thanks for the suggestion, cant wait to try it out!

Brooke sure thing! (:

The Clothes Horse i think its very interesting to see what people donate. Especially when you see so much potential in it.

Benedicte yeah, the details was what caught my eye.

kay thanks for the suggestion. (: as much as the marking annoys me, i’m afraid that swabbing it would make the ink bleed.. :/ dont want to risk it. but thank you..

Thanks for all the comments!!!

Comment by pinks

What a cute shirt :). It’s so cute for summer.

And photoshoot pictures! 🙂 I hope you post them soon!

Comment by ok-jk

ok-jk i’ll post them as soon as i get them!! (which i hope will be before i have to leave for camp next week)

Comment by pinks

The little round bag is so cute.

Comment by WendyB

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