Why, Tony Leung Chiu Wai?
Wednesday 23 July 2008, 9:08 pm
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OMGWTFBBQ Tony Leung is finally married to Carina Lau – I’m in a fluster of happiness and unsound depression!

Those are just about the perfect wedding photos. No cheesy looking each other in the eyes, pastel pink studio backgrounds. The colours! Her Vera Wang gown and his ivory suit are so gorgeous.

Tony Leung is kinda like the perfect guy to me. He is understated-cool personified, suave, handsome, he exudes intelligence. There’s this still, but penetrating air about him – AGAHH.

Chungking Express, In the Mood for Love, Infernal Affairs… I always end the movie pining for Tony Leung (HAHA – especially so in Happy Together! Lots of gay action for a straight man. I was sooo jealous.)

You know all those celebs who get hitched as and when they feel like it, or have mad sex without a care for what will happen to their kids, and then divorce due to irreconcilable difference.. Tony Leung and Carina Lau have been together for over a decade TWO DECADES!!! (omgwtfbbq again – that’s just about as old as I AM!!!!) and I just feel like they’ll never be like that.

Okay that’s not my problem, but never mind.

I LOVE TONY LEUNG!!!!!!!!! Just like I love Nuno Bettencourt. And… the rest will be unveiled sooner or later.

Sorry the last two posts have been so fangirlish.

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There’s his “intensity” too! 🙂

(I laughed when I read the bit about Happy Together. Sniffled a little at the ending, but yes, Leung was the perfect man in HT.)

Comment by kay

haha..oh..thank god for now cheesy gaze into the eyes shots….its soo common amongst us chinese don’t u think?…ergh

Comment by Chelle

Wow that dress is gorgeous

Comment by Fashion Ivy

kay totally! sigh… i can almost imagine him staring at me now HEHES.

chelle i know i know! sooo many bridal boutiques in singapore and malaysia are sooo guilty of this.

fashion ivy mmm yes a very dreamy dress in carina. but then again she just about looks gorgeous in everything!

Comment by wottoncool

Hahaha, but he’s so short! 5’7 I believe? But what a cool cool guy. I totally understand your crush!!

When I went to HK, I went to the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui, and took a picture with his handprint. Haha. I was in love :).

And Chelle – what do you mean Singapore and Malaysia boutiques are guilty of this? Of taking good photos? Ooh, that would be super nice!

Haha. And yeah, they’ve been together for almost TWO decades – 19 years!

Comment by ok-jk

Oh my lord…did this happen??? I’m so slow…

Comment by susie_bubble

that’s a beautiful gown these pics are gorgeous

Comment by Arielle

Never thought this day would come!

I love these two together!

Comment by Sarah

ok-jk ahhh we can form a fanclub! 😀 singapore and malaysia bridal boutiques/photography usually include a shot/wayyy tooo many shots of the couple gazing at each other. pretty cliche and cheesy to me!

susie just about a week ago! i was so distraught.

arielle yes i know, great wedding photography!

sarah it’d be nice to think that they’ll never be apart! they’re meant to beee!

Comment by wottoncool

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