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Sunday 27 July 2008, 11:15 pm
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I’m guilty.

Within the past two months.. I’ve acquired (I say acquired because I didn’t buy some of them) nine belts. And I didn’t realise that I had so many (I still have about… seven belts that are not pictured – yes I have sixteen waists) until…today!

(It’s Sarah’s idea to display belts on a nekkid mannequin. Sadly, I just keep all my belts on a hangar)

From top to bottom:
M)phosis silver two-belt ($6!)
Giordano Concepts black pin studded extra long belt
Target Xhiliration black pyramid studded belt
This Fashion yellow square buckle belt ($6!)
Mango white elastic waist belt – I kinda regretted this buy.
(underneath) Munk khaki paint splattered obi belt
Aldo powder pink leather belt ($15!)
Zambesi black big bucklet belt
Mango olive zip elastic waist belt ($15 during the sale!)

They’re not very very unique, but I do like them all the same. Except for the white elastic belt… It just looks too bright white! Gah.

I wish I had a bigger room… a bigger closet, and a bigger shopping budget!


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Hahaha. That’s hilarious! 🙂 16 waists… then again, I’m sure we all have 80 pairs of feet for all the shoes that we have too right? 😉

Have you worn them all though? Maybe if you get enough usage out of all of them (all 16! yikes!), then you’d feel better about having them all?

Comment by ok-jk

ha i have as many belts and worst of all, many not worn! dont feel too bad!. btw i have the mango zip belt too! but i got it for less during the final mark down 😛

enjoy getting waisted!

Comment by pinktuutuu

where did you get the mannequin from?

Comment by Stephie

ok-jk no! i haven’t worn all of them!! i’ve been thinking of wearing two at a time… like the two studded belts, or two skinny belts. mmm i guess that way i’d get more use out of it haha

pinktuutuu i thought my $15 was already a steal! o well haha.

stephie i got it off yahoo auctions. it comes with a metal stand and base, and the height is adjustable! are you looking for one too?

Comment by wottoncool

yesssssssssssss! want one in my room (to keep me company) and to display my “dress of the moment”. how much did you pay for it?

Comment by Stephie

WOW, that’s really a lot of belts.

@Stephie, I got mine from HK and yeah a mannequin is such a good tool to just simply display outfits or hang your latest obssessions on!

Comment by Laila

stephie, you can get cheap mannequins from bangkok, platinum mall. i got mine for SGD50, and its not heavy to ship back if you travel by budget, just top up bout 30 for more extra baggage.

great excuse to shop more to make up for the extra weight!

Comment by pinktuutuu

stephie i paid about $50-60 dollars hahahha. do you want mine? haha i don’t really use it much, i realise. and my room is tiny!

laila, pinktuutuu wasn’t it difficult and expensive to lug a mannequin back? really, just find one off an auction site! haha

Comment by wottoncool

If anything, i have to take a cue from you and start purchasing some belts!

Comment by greenlaundry

greenlaundry haha it kinda got addictive on me. i keep thinking. i don’t have one in this kinda bucle, or i don’t have one in this colour, i have lotsa clothes that would match this! haha

Comment by wottoncool

exactly! it’s like a black fabric belt & a black patent belt are two different things! I’m getting quite annoyed, haha, i need a whole lotta belts at this point.

Comment by greenlaundry

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