Swan Song
Sunday 27 July 2008, 11:45 pm
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I’ve been meaning to put this up for the longest time! I did this shiz in January with loads of Kleenex, tissue paper, glue, staples, vanguard sheets and some paint! It was for one of the publicity “stunts” we did in school for a party at Zouk with a glam celeb thingy theme.

I think it took me about…. four hours to make… from 0030 to 0430 – yes in the morning.

Here’s my sister modelling it.

So some people really hated this on Bjork, and it’s so long ago, I know… But I love it! 😀

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hahah. it’s very cute!

Comment by soon lee

Love this! It’s really cute, and to me taking 4 hours to make something like this is actually pretty fast. Am I weird to think that?

I was wondering, would you like to do a link exchange with me?

Comment by Fashion Addict

love the swan outfit, it’s brilliant. and bjork never goes out of style!

(but did your tissue paper get squashed when you sat down though?)

Comment by zann

ditto soon lee. 🙂 Very cute! Haha. Great Halloween costume too haha.

Comment by ok-jk

When you mentioned Bjork, it all came back to me. I think the only reason why people didn’t like it was just cause it was Bjork and everything associated with her is weird… If it were on Mary-Kate or Chanel Iman… People would be glorifying it. Well.. I think you just did! You are a genius!

Totally made me smile!! LOVE IT!

Comment by Sarah

It’s omg brilliant!! lol

Comment by Rose

That is awesome…. I can’t believe you constructed that…

Comment by susie_bubble

Reminds me of white chicks! The part at the end when they had to model this swan thingie at the fashion show!!

But the effort is PHWOAH-able.

Comment by lene

soon lee thanks! 😀

fashion addict you’ve got a link exchange (: i guess i work faster under pressure. i had a deadline to meet! which was in about 5 hours, plus i wanted a few hours of sleep too haha.

zann yesss!! the tissue paper did. at that time i wish i could whip out a steam iron and just smoothen out the creases.. but nooo. it just flattened.

ok-jk oh yes halloween! but i threw the costume away already.

sarah thanks heh. yea i like bjork’s weirdness!! i never knew this post would make people happy! (:

rose thanks! (:

susie thanks! actually… it’s pretty easy. i think it’s just cos i concealed the messy parts haha.

lene mmm i didn’t watch white chicks! so… i wouldn’t be able to figure out the correlation hahahah but thanks 😀

Comment by wottoncool

HAHA!! I’m one of THE FEW people who actually liked the swan dress cause firstly, it’s fresh and shocking. Secondly, it’s Bjork. Lastly, I’m a disgustingly sticky fan of hers!

And now with you recreating it, I’M LOVING YOU!!! HAHA!

Comment by bingboompia

That is effing BRILLIANT! Urgh, need time for DIY!!! It looks so fun to wear!

Comment by kay

you are riduclously creative. i LOVE this! wear it for halloween!

Comment by Cupcakes and Cashmere

bingboompia aww thanks! hmm i think i’m slowly (maybe too slowly) learning how to appreciate bjork’s music. at the first listen it was pretty.. astounding, hahaha.

kay thanks! haha yea it is fun to wear, just have to figure a way/fabric so that it doesn’t crease when i sit down 😡

cupcakes and cashmere i would have worn it for halloween but i threw it away cos it’s quite difficult to keep. thanks for the compliment, heh.

anyway, would anyone want a custom made one for fun? i’m thinking of using felt instead of vanguard, but i haven’t thought of a replacement for kleenex and tissue 😡

Comment by wottoncool

Too much love in one piece!!!!…..noice noice

Comment by Chelle

hilarious! you did a really good job

Comment by Dana

chelle, dana thanks girls! (:

Comment by wottoncool

haha.amazing.uve got patience.

Comment by poshpalette

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