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Wednesday 6 August 2008, 1:56 pm
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Are there things you can’t live without?

I think its not healthy to have your life ‘revolve’ around inanimate objects/possessions (or whatever you may choose to call it).. But looking at my table today… *embarrassed grin* 😀

Hazeline Snow Moisturizing Cream : $4.00 approximately

I go through about 2 bottles of hazeline snow each month. Its my face & body moisturizer. its relatively easy on my shallow pockets (as compared with the expensive stuff) and does an equally good job… (although i havent really been using expensive moisturizers so I can’t draw an accurate comparison) hehes

Furthermore, I can’t bare to toss the bottles cos i keep thinking that they would be useful to keep earrings and buttons and other odds&ends. :/ even the boxes come in handy, i keep some of my fragile bracelets in them..

Nivea Whitening Sun Block Lotion SPF 30 : $17.00 approximately

Perhaps my life does not necessarily revolve around these things.. (or so i tell myself) but i do, certainly, use them an awful lot.

I like this Nivea product because it really IS ‘NON-STICKY’ as it says on the packaging (in small grey font!!!)

which, i feel, is more important than being a whitening sun block, although whitening IS a plus, i suppose..

yeaps.. things i can’t live without. originally, those were the only 2 items i was planning to talk about. But after thinking it through more, i have 2 more to add to my list.

Lip Ice Lemon : $4.00

After a trip to New Zealand several years back, I’ve been hooked on lip balm. Can’t stand the feeling of bare, naked, un-moisturized lips. *insert lip smacking sound here* 😀

Never leave home without it!

And, last but CERTAINLY not the least, (and ALL my friends can vouch for this)

Vicks VapoRub : price unknown (my mom ensures that there is an ample supply at home. Thanks mom!!)

You know how some people have a favourite smelly pillow/bolster/stuffed toy from their childhood, that was never far from reach. And even after out-growing it, there is a sublime connection and you simply CANNOT throw it away because its an outrage and insult to your childhood to give it up…

Vicks, was is MY smelly pillow. My comfort. My love. My addiction (((: i have such fond memories of vicks (when it had metal caps instead of the current plastic ones) As a kid, I would hide bottles so that my mom would buy more (: And during my school exams (primary, secondary, JC AND uni, extreme huh?!) i’d have my bottle of vicks on the table with me. The smell of it helps me to relax. I basically just love the smell, A LOT!

so there you go, 4 things i cannot live without. (or would, at least pine away at for a significant amount of time before moving on) 😀

what can’t you live without??


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omg pinks you’re nuts with the hazeline snow! 2 bottles per month?!?!?! but i guess it is cheap. maybe i should start using that. is it really that good? hmm.

yes you’re a vicks freak. you infected me with that for a while, haha.

i cannot live without my smelly baby pillowww and lip balm too.

Comment by jo

Hahahaha. Pinks – what a fantastic post! 🙂 Great to know that everybody has a little nut inside of them 🙂 haha.

Mmh… things I can’t live without…
– a watch (I feel *so* lost without knowing the time)

– water (I know this sounds really stupid, we all can’t live without water, but I’m an avid water drinker. I mean this in the sense that wherever I go, I always always carry a bottle of water with me. I cannot function for more than 2 hours without water! Haha)

– and this is a little opposite, but I can’t live WITH greasy hair. It makes me feel so self-conscious and gross and I just want to run away and hide from the world. Haha.

Wow, I feel like a freak now 🙂

Comment by ok-jk

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