SHOES!!! <3
Wednesday 6 August 2008, 3:51 pm
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The girls of fashionation just put up images of their shoe collections. (which makes me wanna do it too.. so that i can come to terms with the number of shoes i PHYSICALLY have versus the number i THINK i have [which, i’m convinced, is much less than what i actually have!])

anyway, looking at the images of their shoes…

I can’t help but proclaim:

I LOVE those shoes!!!! (and i want a pair too ))):

cant wait to arrange my shoes in a row and take photos too!! my sister would mumble ‘herd instinct!’ under her breath as i shamelessly ignore her ;p

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hey i felt the same herd instinct too, when i saw those shoe photos on fashion nation! let’s all do it!

Comment by zann

yay! It can become a “shoes that live on Singapore” thread in line with National Day.

Comment by Stephie

oooh okay. i think i wanna do that too, even though my stash of shoes is not nearly as impressive as stephie’s haha

Comment by jo

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