25 Feet!
Thursday 7 August 2008, 2:57 pm
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Inspired by Fashion Nation, I have pulled out my shoes (old and new), arranged them in rows, categorized them, and snapped away!!

My slipper/sandals. (The back row is neglected, I never wear them out)

Sneakers/Shoes. (the spectrum ranges from Super-worn to Super-New.. can you guess which ones??)

Flats. yeapss, thats all. two. (unless you count the ones i use for work?!)

Covered-toe heels. (I notice tt I gravitate towards brown shoes..) My only pair of wedges and boots.

Peep-toe/Strappy Heels. I dont wear them out often, but I’m gonna try.

Shoes that I un-earthed today. (that i used at some point in time, perhaps 5 years ago)

Shoes that i hardly (if ever) wear. (would anyone give a good home to the beige slippers with beading details?)

And even though high heels hurt, I (obviously) have a weakness for them. (:

I must wear my ‘un-loved’ shoes more!!! I MUST!


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I’m trying to wear my heels more often…really… only if the mass can stop thinking i’m trying to attract their attention… lol

Comment by Rose

i also have that gold/brown pair of sandals which i’m wearing almost every day due to the crap weather. and oh i’ve been looking for simple beaded beige sandals ever since my previous blue-beaded ones broke… if you don’t mind… (:

Comment by raq

that red pair of flats looks extremely cute and comfy!

Comment by pinktuutuu

The first pair of shoes in the last photo, the one with the wooden heel…where’d you buy them from? they look divine!

Comment by tet

[…] by the Fashion Nation Girls, Swirl Girls and Wottoncool, i’ve finally got to photograph most of the shoes I own this […]

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