(Insert Embarassing Number) Pairs of Feet
Saturday 9 August 2008, 12:22 am
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Well, turns out that I have an alarming number of shoes. There are some included in this picture that used to worn to near death, and I’m glad I managed to dig them out for this picture, so that I can really wear them out once and for all! 😀

32 pairs. OMGWTFBBQ hahahahah. (Anyway, a lot of people ask what BBQ is. BBQ is just another useless pointless, random acronym to add to the chain of randomness)

I never knew I had that many shoes! It always felt like just… 20 pairs, of which I only wear half frequently.

Okay I did buy 7 pairs on my last trip to Hong Kong 😀

All my sandals and slippers. I love my high gladiator sandal/boots and havaianas the most. I stopped wearing my birks because I realise that my feet are a bit too wide for the normal cut, but the wide cut makes me feel like Donald Duck. The other sandals have rather flat soles and are not very comfy to walk in.

Flats and low wedges. I love love love love love my flats. It seems that I’m quite drawn to beiges when it comes to flats! And bows and ribbons too! Half of these have bows on them. I wanna try shoe clip-ons soon!

Heels and wedges and rainboots. I really like the hot pink and turquoise block heeled pair – it has a picture of a vintage car on it! It has a really cute square shape to it too! But it is a little tooo big for me. I liked the glittery criss cross Topshop heels too, but they proved to devour feet. Blah. I need to start walking around the house in heels so that I get used to them. The other grey pair of heels I bought from HK are missing!!!

I haven’t worn my rainboots! It has been scorching in Singapore – so hot and humid that I broke out in a heat rash. I feel like a monster now 😡

I bet many of you are just as deluded about the number of pairs of shoes that you own. OWN UP NOWWW!!!!

Blog an entry and send us the url, or send us an email at wottoncool@gmail.com with the following:
Title: (Insert number) Pairs of Feet
Include the number of pairs you think you have, the number of pairs you frequently wear, and the actual number of pairs you actually have – with photographic evidence!

We’ll collate all of this and put up a post for everyone to see.

Share your delusion now! hahahaha.

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omy. that’s a lot of shoes. there are a lot of cuuuuute shoes. sweet.

Comment by rachel anna

ah! i love your shoes! those gladiator boots are pure love! oh and we have the same rainboots! 🙂 i haven’t got to wear mine either.

Comment by Lloyda

I refuse to count the number of shoes in my possession due to the refusal to affirm my friends’ accusation that I have far to many pairs of shoes. (A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes. Never!)

(I am intrigued by your yellow flats. And I almost bought the Nue vintage car shoes too!)

Comment by kay

rachel anna hahaha i never thought i’d be a person with a lot of shoes! 😡 but thanks (:

lloyda i wish the weather would ease up a little! do you have the black or skull pair?

kay hahahaha, i was kinda scared to count too – and in the end i unearthed so many missing ones! thanks (:

Comment by wottoncool

wow!! I’m impressed! I don’t have half the number of your shoes! Cuz’ I tossed them out once they’re worn out, haha. And, I don’t have enough space at home. I salute youu, crazy shoe girl!

Comment by X-Wen

That’s a whole load of shoes, except I’m the one to talk… if I count in the ones I share with my mum and those that I don’t even wear even after I bought them…. *gasps*

I got into trouble when my parents found out how many shoes I brought back from London. It was ugly! Time to do a shoe post i guess!

Comment by Sarah

x-wen i guess there is a bit of a hoarder in me, which is very very bad!

sarah hahahah do you have a nifty shoe organizer thing for all your shoes then?

Comment by wottoncool

i got the pink skull pair. 🙂 ah i think i’ll do a shoe post of of these days when i’m not lazy to take pics of my shoes. hahaha.

Comment by Lloyda

i am so jealous of your amazing shoes! i have about 2 pairs of ballet pumps now, because i’ve worn all my old ones out, to the point where the sole literally falls out.

Comment by kirsty

llyoda i really like the skull ones! yay let me know when you do the shoe post i’ll wanna look at it (:

kirsty i never did get why people buy multiple pairs of shoe until my own favourite pair fell apart! thanks anyway (:

Comment by wottoncool

Haha – how is the collection of people’s shoe posts going? I’d love to see whether I’m the only one with fewer than 15 pairs of shoes…

But w/ all the shoes you have, which ones would you wear more than four times a month though?

Oh… girls and their shoes 🙂 haha.

Comment by ok-jk

love yr shoes… so many! =)
esp thoese flats. i wish i have more of them

Comment by plain.jane

yikess i love your shoes! i love bows and ribbons on shoes too! most of mine have either one! and where on earth did you get that black&white stripe one! i love it to tears!

i hope i have the time to dig all my shoes out for a shoot for your collage!

Comment by pinktuutuu

oh btw, try putting a half insole or a shoe cushion into the turquoise pair, or put the anti-blister band at the back to “tighten” the shoes. Its a pity not to wear that pair, its ultra cute!

Comment by pinktuutuu

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