Shiny Days
Saturday 9 August 2008, 11:13 pm
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I remember Dottie from Fashion Nation writing about wearing sequins in the day and I’ve been intrigued by it ever since!

I think I look disgustingly tired.

Matt sequinned bolero from Dorothy Perkins
White batwing tee from Zara
Brown paperbag skirt from ASOS.com
Double punched letaher belt from Levi’s
Bag and Shoes from Hong Kong
Heart resin/leather cuff watch from Marc by Marc Jacobs

I’ve been on the lookout for matt sequined tops and today I found the perfect one in an ivory matt sequin bolero from Dorothy Perkins for a cool $29! It was a UK18, but I thought it fell nicely over the shoulders, so I bought it and pulled it over immediately 😀

Sad to say, today’s the most dressed up I’ve been in a week. The start of the week was spent in a school camp in t-shirts, shorts, slippers, cap, SPF 130+ sunblock (omg Pinks you’re gonna love this, but I only have a tiny bottle!) , umbrella, and camera slung around me.

The heat rash I got demands that I dress up in anything that doesn’t cover the knee cos that’s where it itches most.



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Love how you’ve worn the sequinned bolero…

Comment by susie_bubble

Count me in as a fan of the bolero.

Comment by WendyB

susie, wendy thanks! (:

Comment by wottoncool

you pulled this off quite well ;] loving it

Comment by mw

love the bolero.

Comment by yulanda

I like this — playing down the sequins for the day with something more utilitarian and rugged. It works!

Comment by Miss A.

a little bit like what you have done is savvy for day or night. i have seen a gal with head to toe sequins at st john before and couldn’t get over that the entire time there with my mom.

Comment by savvy gal @savvymode

Lovely blog darling, I’ll be adding you to my list
I like the idea of sequins for day too… I think it works really well here as you’ve played them down with a more casual pieces. You’ve definitely inspired me to attempt it
And snap – I have that skirt too! Haha

Comment by Katie Rosemary

mw, yulanda thanks!

miss a. thanks! yea now that you say it the bottom part of my outfit looks kinda rugged 😡 hahah

savvy girl top to toe sequins is pretty scary!

Comment by jo

Nice look! I love your hair style too btw.

Comment by sheryl wong

nice!!which outlet did u go to?im a uk18!i hope to still find these!ehhe

Comment by d

love your bag and those shoes! and dressed down sequin is a tough thing to pull off.. but you did so fabulously!

Comment by issa

what happened to the picture. can’t see anything.

Comment by savvy gal @savvymode

lol. you don’t look tired…!

The sequins are a nice colour! If it were those mirror reflective ones, then it might not be a good idea to walk around in the day in Singapore. You’ll be a disco ball. But yours is a pretty romantic white (if i see it properly), NICE!

Comment by Sarah

Oh i’m liking this a whole lot, great colours too. I dig such colours but have none in my wardrobe.

Comment by greenlaundry

sheryl really? thanks! i’m quite paranoid about my hair, it feels like a bad hair day every other day haha

d i found it at the dorothy perkins outlet in raffles city. they had it in UK18 and 20 (:

issa thanks issa (: i think the outfit was a mishap, but i was sooo happy to find that my purchase for the day could go with my outfit haha

savvy gal i think the pic is still there o.0

sarah yea it’s a creamy kinda white. i’m love non reflective sequins hehes

greenlaundry thanks melly (: i have a chunk of beige, then white, then black, a bit of grey and like 7 pieces of colour or so haha. i’m boring like that 😡

Comment by wottoncool

WHAT A STEAL!!! I love sequins! 😉 You can wear it anytime!!

Comment by qin

I love everything about this outfit! Great job! 🙂

Comment by Claudia

I really like the color theme of the whole outfit. The sequins are just perfect for it.

Comment by Ida

qin yea i love that these matt sequins are so wearable (:

claudia, ida thanks! 😀

Comment by wottoncool

Haha. Whoops, I guess I’m a bit late in replying… but as mentioned by everyone else, I definitely like the colour scheme you have going on!

Go to school like that! 😛 haha.

Comment by ok-jk

I love the sequins, especially the colour
I think i’ll have to invest in some!

Comment by Zest

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I think the bolero looks much nicer a bit over sized. I love the skirt too!
Oh, I printed the lace bow by painting cartridge paper with ink (letting it dry) then lace between the paper and plain fabric, and then eithr use a heat press, or a really hot iron. I’d be happy to make one for you if you wanted.

Comment by Victoria

I think sequins for day totally rocks. Plus you look so good in it!

Comment by Wendy

not disgusting or tired looking, just really cute! i love sequin boleros… well… sequin anything really.

Comment by kirstie

I hadn’t thought of sequins for day but this works so well!

Comment by Shesdressingup

Like an above commenter mentioned, sequins are great, anytime, anywhere. 😉

By the way, letting you know that I’ve tagged you for an award on my blog!

Comment by brooke

Its a really cute look!

would you like to exchange links, I also have a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog.


Comment by Beauty Confessiional

ok-jk yeap i would go to school in that! (:

zest i’m sure you’ll find yourself a very happy girl after you land a sequinned something in your wardrobe, haha

victoria reallyyy??? i would really appreciate it but i don’t think it’s quite feasible because i’m assuming we live MILES apart, haha

wendy, kirstie, shesdressingup, beauty confessional thanks! (:

brooke thanks for the award brooke, we feel like awarding it back to you! haha

Comment by wottoncool

I am all for sequins and lace in the day! 😛

Comment by hui wen

Nice outfit. And nice blog.

Comment by Elaina

Yes, really. It’s very light and I can get my sister to send it from her work (free). My email is xx_vicky_711_xx@hotmail.co.uk, so just let me know the delatils and what kind of size you would like it.

Comment by Victoria

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