Monday 18 August 2008, 8:41 pm
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Brooke from the fashion void that is DC gave this “Brillante Weblog” award to us! And she was so kind as to say

WOTTONCOOL‘s Jo and Sarah — I know this isn’t content-related, but I really like their minimalist, clean layout and image editing. Of course I very much enjoy their posts, too — the way they write is very personable and makes me want to get to know them in real life. Their recent shoe posts have really made me want to do the same, too

Whee (: The credit for the two shoe posts goes to Fashion Nation though!

Here are the rules:

1 when you receive a diamond, make a post of it
2 name the blogger from whom you got it from
3 award the diamond to seven other spiffy bloggers
4 link em
5 then tell them they got it

So here’s our pick of the seven other spiffy bloggers!

Fashion Nation – When you think fashion blogs, when you think Singapore, you think Fashion Nation first because they have such varied and interesting content that just keeps you hooked

Swirl Girls – They always provide us with daily style eye candy that we’re now not-so-secretly addicted to 😡

greenlaundry – Melly has great etsy picks, great design and art, an eye for photography, and wears vintage in the cutest way

Mmmm okay, the other 4 awardees to come soon (:


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Thank you for your kind comments! (:

Comment by Stephie

FN definitely represents sg! And i lol-ed at “not-so-secretly addicted to”, i second that.

Comment by melly

thanks, jo and sarah! our very first stalkers! hahahaha… and oh, we are addicted to wottoncool too!

Comment by zann

stephie you’re welcome!

melly heh heh. well we did announce is so loudly and proudly, so it’s not-so-secret anymore 😉

zann we must be failing as stalkers such that you know we are following you guys! lol. thanks zann (:

Comment by wottoncool

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