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Saturday 23 August 2008, 4:34 pm
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Yeap, it was Wardrobe and Wardroblings yesterday and it was the first time Sarah and I were invited to a fashion/design event as… bloggers.

We met Kay from The Clothes Project, plus Stephie and Dottie from Fashion Nation and all of them were incredibly friendly. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t recognise Kay at first admist all the crazy snapping in front of the runway. Then the FN girls came and instead of going over to say a normal, cool and composed “Hello”, I very instinctively and madly did a mini-hand-kowtow to them .

Please dig me a hole.

But the rest of the night went fine and we had some champagne to end of the show (:

It’s kinda creepy that we’re invited because we’ve only been at this for six months and we were thinking of all the times we’ve had to pronounce “wotton cool”.

When we came up with the name, we couldn’t care less that there were potentially embarassing ones in our longg list of possibilities. All this throwing names around, banter and decisions were made via email – we never really spoke to each other about it in person.

Then came the day a reader went up to Sarah and asked “Are you from Wotton Cool?” I think she stifled a giggle/laugh and then mustered up some of herself to say “Yes”, sorta consciously without “I am from – (the name that must not be pronouced) Wotton Cool!”

Maybe I exaggerated a bit – but yes, I think we’ll just laugh it off over and over again (: I do like it cos it’s so weird and funny it’s us – but pronouncing it is just wayyyy different.

Top: Lace backless halter from Hansel
Bottoms: Black wide-legged pants from Nicholas
Shoes: Nude strappy heels from Charles and Keith

Sarah felt compelled to come in an all-local designers ensemble. She has trying to avoid having her picture taken by me so she was turning around and around, hence the weird shot.

Top: Brown and black silk waistcoat from Mime
Bottoms: Pleather pants from Topshop
Accessories: Topshop
Shoes (not pictured): Broad strap sandals from Charles and Keith (same as Evelyn from Swirl Girls!)

I didn’t have a nice full body shot of myself, so we’ll all have to make do with this awkward one of me smi-frowning (smile/frowning) at Sarah when she took my photo right before the show started.

(I bet you spent this post mumbling “Wotton Cool” to yourself to listen to how funny and it sounds. Stop it! :p)


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lol, u bet me. i did it.


Comment by Rose

man, u know wat i just realiseddddd….your DIMPLES are crazzzyyy…..*jealous jealous *..mine’s pretty much non existent…

Comment by Chelle

You guys looked fantastic! What a great fashion-show; I think it’s so important to support, showcase and have a venue where local designers can really show off what they’re made of. It allows the locals to get a sense of what the local designers are seeing in the fashion industry, and it’s like this organic bubble of creativity that bounces ideas off each other!

Anyways, wotton cool … wot-ten-cool? Or wooo-ten cool?

Comment by ok-jk

rose whoops 😀

chelle hahah okay i never really noticed by dimples, but… thanks? hehes.

ok-jk thanks dear! we had a good time at the fashion show – and we were hoping the designers got their desired exposure, not quite sure if there were potential buyers there though. it’s wot-ten cool haha

Comment by wottoncool

Jo! Ok i’m trying to phrase this as proper as it can be. It might be because your previous self-portrait photos weren’t that clear or you weren’t showing your face, because you are a darn cutie and i cannot believe i’ve never noticed that before!

Comment by greenlaundry

melly a darn cutie?!?! lol okay. i’ll… take that as a compliment. but maybe it’s just my awkward facial expression o.0

Comment by wottoncool

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ok what i really meant was, if i was a boy, i would ask for your number.

Comment by greenlaundry

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