Wardroblings + Wardrobe

Yesterday we were treated to Wardroblings and Wardrobe – a runway show which showcases that best of the upcoming fashion designers and fashion school graduates! It’s great that they’re having such tremendous support.

Here are some designers and their pieces that made nice(r) pictures from our furious snappity clicks.

Loko Yu
started the show with some oddball fun – think cute clashy random prints, clear plastic pockets, kitschy (I don’t usually like to use this word but yes – kitschy) accessories, odd fabrics and even odder shapes. Strangely enough I quite like it.

I think a tiny part of me stowed away in a smelly dusty cupboard of mysterious drawers really wants to wear loud loud neon stuff like that.

Sharifah Ashahnadia Bte Syed Azman picked three designs from her graduate collection. They seemed a little out of sync with each other, but the pieces were stunning individually. She was featured in Urban a few weeks ago in a graduate designers special.

This collection was inspired by The Godfather, or the mafia translated into feminine form. The top paired with the purple skirt actually had metal eyelets to resemble bullet sprays! Coolios.

Anastasia Hoeng had her first two models trot out in this conjoined top which thoroughly tickled my fancy. I think her designs are very much layer-ables – nice soft jerseys and diaphonous linen blend tops with a sheen. Mmm.

Max Tan stole the avant-garde portion of the show, or dare I say the whole show! His floaty ensembles with big on volume, big on shapes, and also big on details. See the balloony pants up there? There’s the collar around the waist, pleats down the front, pockets at the side, drawstrings at the hem – I don’t know what else he managed to fit in there!

Xian Lee incorporated the most unexpected of pintucks, folds, flaps, pleats and drapes into her pieces. I like subtlety like that (:

Furmuse came across as pretty preppy, high-street, and reminded me a great deal of Topman. I wasn’t quite sure if i liked where this showcase was heading, but I was slowly won over by the varied texture that is absent in a lot of male wear. And those Dr. Marten’s! I want those ):

Pouf lived up to the girly-cute airy light-headedness that you’ll think of at the mention of it. Nope there’s nothing bad about airy light-headedness in this collection. Some pieces looks appropriately ditzy, and others were drowned in rock-hick glamour. I think a lot of the looks were held together by the cool toy car brooches and pins that graced many belts and hairdos. Love those!

The Fashion Fraternity did a fantastic job organizing this event, seeing how biggg it was and all the crazy work they had to do to deliver their baby of goodness knows how many months!

Kudos to TFF and we hope to be part of the event next year again (:


  1. You’d think I’d love Pouf’s collection cause it’s soo cute, but I think I prefer Max Tan’s collection way more. I think editorially it’s more pleasing, chic and interesting to the eye… imo


  2. sarah i love max tan way more too! i felt it was slightly odd that i actually liked the stuff from wardroblings more than wardrobe. loved all that flowy fabric.


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