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Tuesday 26 August 2008, 10:15 pm
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Okay I semi-lucked out again at my church’s thrift store – I got a haul of 3 blazers 😀 (I actually got these before the Fashion Nation party which Sarah will blog about later!)

I’m a secret-fan/lurker of Karla’s Closet. Yes Karla, her stylish self and her closet of superb blazers that take turns to grace her outfits.

Oversized in black, with slim lapels, in contrast piping, tann double breasted, in floral prints – we’ve seen it all! I covet her whole stash of tailored cover-ups!

I’ve been trying to look for the equivalent(s) without looking too businessy (It might be an act of rebellion! If you know what I’m actually studying… haha) or old.

A candy-striped slim cut blazer, an oversized double-breasted checkered blazer, and an a-little-too-oversized tweed(?) slim lapel blazer. They’re all vintage – I’m assuming, from the unrecognizable brands on the labels, hugeeeee shoulder pads and offbeat buttons.

Under/over all the blazers –
Top: Asymmetrical neck tee from Munk
Bottoms: Skinny jeans from River Island (They are my favourite favourites! Do they look weird turned up?)
Shoes: Both from Charles & Keith
Jewelry: from Diva and H&M
Scarf: Tie-dye scarf from H&M
Belts: from Aldo and Mango

Maybe I still look kinda old… maybe I’m not quite sure how to pull these off. But there’s this nice warm sense of security knowing that my blazer collection is slowly growing.

Oh yes, and again, they were $1 each 😀

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what were $1?! the blazers?! where’s the church thrift store?

Comment by t4jotr

hey the middle outfit is, in one word, terrific.

you tucked the scarf into the blazer right? love the effect… my god, you always get the best buys! you HAVE to reveal this thrift store of yours! 😛

i kinda regretted sunday… we didn’t get to chat much with u two

Comment by Vogueite

t4jotr yeap the blazers were $1 😀 hahaha

vogueite me too! i guess we were browsing and chatting with other people at all the different times. hopefully there’s a next time (: yeap i tucked the scarf into the blazer cos i have this weird thing about following lapel lines, heh.


okay not so comfortable with revealing the church name, but revelation anyway!

address: 91 toa payoh central, singapore 319193.
directions: opposite the macdonald’s besides toa payoh library. it’s at the back of the compound near the new building.
opening hours: 0900-1200 every sunday and 0900-1000 every monday

everything from pants to dresses to bags and shoes go for $1, you may like to donate more as well as all these go to the st vincent de paul society of the poor

sounds very exclusive eh? hahahahha – but i can’t guarantee there’ll always be nice stuff 😡

okay maybe if anyone wants to go we can organise a mini excursion to the place on sunday (:

Comment by wottoncool

you mean it’s only open on mondays and sundays? gosh that is pretty exclusive!

Comment by Vogueite

let’s do it! excursion it is!haha

Comment by t4jotr

sorry,monday opened for an hour only?!
omg.i MUST skip school.

Comment by t4jotr

Well, you can’t beat that price for the blazers. And they all do look darling!

Comment by Lissa

I feel the same way about Karla’s blazers. I really wanna get a white one… but having no luck! Nice finds on the blazers! They all look so snug!

I think you need a plain tee-shirt or any top in white? *shrugs*

Comment by Sarah

oh i LOVE blazers!!! in fact, i’m wearing one right now! i am always on the lookout for cheap ones, because they can be very expensive. wow $1 each?! well im all the way here in manila, good luck to me haha.

i love your outfits, very chic! =) btw, thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment. i will be visiting yours regularly too!


Comment by Mrs. C

whoah $1 a blazer? that’s got to be the bargain of the century! I love the candy striped one, it looks great 😀

Comment by Miss Karen

vogueite, t4jotr haha yes so oddly exclusive. the opening hours aren’t really fixed too though – it may be earlier or later.

actually the hours on monday are kinda non-official. you’ll see a lot of filipino domestic workers turning out bag after bag for stuff they’d wear.

excursion next sunday? try and get more bloggers? haha

lissa, miss karen thanks! they were quite THE steal haha

sarah yea i think i’ll try it with a white top – i just put all the blazers over what i wore to school for that day haha! too lazzyyy. doesn’t help that the vintage scene here is not very big, or cheap 😡

mrs. c yea i know how all blazers tend to be really expensive, especially those new ones. the thing is, they’re not even the kind i’m looking for! thanks for visiting too, i’ll look forward to more posts on your blog (:

Comment by wottoncool

I want to go too!

Comment by Stephie

no your jeans look great turned up and, i also say – growing collection of things is a splendid thing.

and this church thrift shop is tempting but why open so early!

Comment by greenlaundry

[…] Thrifted (for a dollar!) Top: Heather taupe t-shirt Bottoms: Grey and black striped skinny pants from H&M Scarf: Gold […]

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