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Thursday 28 August 2008, 12:34 am
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(Please ignore the spastic look on Sarah’s face)

The girls from Fashion Nation had a party cum bloggers/readers meet-up in conjunction with their 2nd Anniversary at Soon Lee on Haji Lane.

We braved the MOODILY TORRENTIAL rain to get there! (and the weather for the past few days has been evil!!! out with the wellies everyone!! now, if only i had a pair 0.0!)

And here are some of the photos!

Jo with Stephie from Fashion Nation

Jo, Kay from The Clothes Project and Sarah

Sarah wore

Top: Black Sequinned-front Tank from Zambesi

Bottoms: Brown Bubble Pants with pleating details, a gift from sister

Shoes: Gladiator sandals from Far East Plaza

I think i have a subconscious compulsive need to stick to themes. Like with Wardroblings + Wardrobe, I felt it was important to show my support for local designers, thus the resulting emsemble (which you can see here).

Similarly, all three items, have not seen the light of day prior to the party. In fact, whilst on my way to Soon Lee, I felt as though i had walked through my closet with my eyes closed and just threw on whatever i grabbed.

Sequins + Bubble + Gladiator sandals = TOO MANY statement pieces!! (but somehow, it works out.. at least i tell myself that!)

Someone asked…

Q: whats wrong with bubble pants?

Sarah: ‘I’m self-conscious of my bum, so i don’t like to wear anything that would make my bottom look bigger. But then again, it works both ways.. if anyone thinks my bottom is big, I could always blame it on the bubble! hahas’

also at the party was X-wen from Fash-Eccentric, pictured with Jo. (i thought X-wen’s dress was really pretty)

and the Swirl Girls (Evelyn, Priscilla and Suzanne)!!!

behind my facade of calmness, i was SUPER excited to meet them. i ❤ their blog!! and in all my excitedness mixed with intimidation, i didnt know what to say) But i rubbed shoulders with the Swirl Girls! (((:

ok! deep breath!

Evelyn also brought along her family. Here is Jo with Oliver (his outfit had eyes, a pig nose AND squiggly tail! how cute is that?!) [Oliver was looking at his mommy and Priscilla who were trying to coax him into smiling for the photographs] (:

Zhiqiang from Trait, Jo and myself.

We didn’t get to chat much but he gives off a very cool vibe. I LOVED his outfit and admittedly jealous of his prominent cheekbones. (i was secretly staring.. i hope it wasn’t too obvious!)

What Jo wore
Top: Floral print sleeveless top with skirt and zipper from H&M
Cardigan: Purple cable knit cropped cardigan from Giodarno Concepts
Bottoms: Jeans from River Island
Necklace: Malleable necklace from Hong Kong
Shoes: Yellow tie flats from Hong Kong

She says she felt too cute for comfort with the florals and cutesy skirt. In the words of X-Wen from Fash-E, “I thought we were supposed to look spastic” – Jo thought so too! ):

Laila from Rock.The.Trend was there too.

My friend Steph (whose work you can view here), whom i helped with this project, photographed Laila’s next collection. I am eager to see how everything turned out (:

Someone else we talked to was June from Rose.

I got to try on her kooky glasses. ($2 from Daiso!!!) 😀

Looking through the glasses made my eyes water, cos you cant really see..

We were chatting with June while Jo and I were browsing through the Soon Lee store.

These fabric badges were too adorable to resist. (Jo got the elephant and I bought the kangaroo)

Jo felt the need to have a hoity-toity expression to match the hair accessory.

All in all, we had a lot of fun with

good food…

great drinks…

and wonderful company!!

A big THANK YOU to Fashion Nation and Soon Lee for organizing and hosting the party!

more of such parties please!!!


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The photo of the rain cracked me up, BIG TIME.

Comment by greenlaundry

what a cool party:)

Comment by Pamcasso

hey thanks baby for lreading me so now it’s my turn i love ur blog it’s so cute !!! i love ur outfit on those pic!!

Comment by flashykawaii

Hey guys! Nice meeting you that day! You both look damn good laa… making me look more spastic. LOL. More parties??

Comment by x-wen

you two are so sweet lah! the swirl girls love your blog too!

(jo, now i wish i bought the floral print for the H&M top instead of the plain blue one! and sarah, your bum is NOT big lor ok.)

Comment by zann

I still stick by my comment that those pants are great (and do not make your bum look big)! Heh.

Comment by kay

Lovely write-up! I’m so glad everyone had fun (:

Comment by Stephie

Ooh, I love the silver malleable necklace you have on! 🙂 Where did you get it from? 🙂

Comment by hui wen

Jo and Sarah..Did I forget to mention you girls have excellent complexion!Spill your beauty secrets!

Comment by priscy

Okay question for Jo – how do you get your bangs to stay across your forehead like that?! Do you gel/put some wax on it?

I have short bangs like yours too, but they always fall straight… but I like how they’re brushed across your forehead!

Comment by ok-jk

zann i got my mum to buy this floral one when she was in chicago! i tried the both the navy and floral one when i was in HK but decided against both because i thought i looked weird – but i just kept thinking about them and took a chance with the floral one hahaha

priscy i think sarah compulsively slaps on hazeline snow and nivea SPF17 sunscreen on her skin. i don’t think i have any beauty secret – i just do the regular wash tone moisturise.

OH but i must add. my boyfriend recently returned from his field camp and spent 6 days in camouflage cream without washing his face properly – his complexion became FLAWLESS! he used to have these oil beads but they’re all gone now! weirdness.

ok-jk i usually don’t put any products in my head heh. i have naturally thick and wavy hair, plus i don’t condition it since i’m wearing it short now – maybe the tangles help it stay in place HAHA! okay no i’m kidding. but i’m afraid mine just kinda… falls like that haha. you can try and keep it longer so it’s easier to sweep it to the side?

Comment by jo

hui wen hi hui wen! i got my necklace from HK. but they were on sale at warehouse quite a few months ago. 2cm at far east plaza may stock it too

Comment by jo

I envy you guys, it’s really great that the fashion bloggers in Singapore gathered together and had such a fun party. I love your outfits and I love Haji Lane! I can’t wait to go back to Singapore this December. 🙂

Comment by michelle

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