Thursday 28 August 2008, 2:02 am
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2000 – 2008

My golden retriever passed away on August 26. He usually is energetic, boisterous and chor lor (ignorantly klutzy, is that the correct translation?). But that last day, the only day, he showed signs of being sick.. it wasn’t pretty. Its upsetting that everything happened so quickly. Shan’t go into the details of it all. But I’m going to miss him.

I wish you got to know him too.

(sorry for the non-fashion-related post)


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I’m so sorry for your loss. Dogs are very good companions, we had a labrador when I was growing up who had to be put down very suddenly because cancer ravaged her very quickly.

Comment by Pamcasso

That dog looks just like the dog I used to dog sit when I was younger! such a beautiful breed!

Comment by richel

My deepest condolences to ur family and u.. Take care.
– from one dog owner & lover to another.

Comment by anjii

My condolences. It was the same with our family’s black lab, fine one day and just…not the next.

Comment by The Clothes Horse

so sorry to hear about rupert! but i’m sure he is in a happy place now with lotsa dog biscuits, running in the fields with other doggies!

Comment by zann

*HUGS* You’ll be okay.

Comment by x-wen

i’ve always wanted a golden retriever myself. it’s terribly unfair about Rupert’s fate, but at least i’m sure you had countless happy memories with him 🙂

Comment by Vogueite

he’ll miss you too 🙂

Comment by greenlaundry

hi, I’m a regular reader of yours. I’ve got a goldie too and sorry to hear about Rupert. And yes, I’m sure he’s in dog heaven now!

Comment by daph

That’s awful. I’m really sorry about you losing your dog. It’s a horrible feeling I know.

Comment by the bargain fashionista

he’s a handsome dog pinks ): somehow i never met him at your place!

Comment by jo

I know how you feel. I cried and cried when my dog passed. Though it’s been 2 years, I always look forward to seeing him running towards me when I open the door. But I don’t feel sad, I will smile when I think about him. You’ll feel the same way too =)

Comment by Sarah

hey sarah… i hope you’re fine. i’ve always wanted a dog but somehow ended up with two tortoises instead… but I know how hard it is to part with someone who’ve been in your life for a long time. my thoughts are with you…

Comment by Stephie

:[ i hope he is in a better place. my dog is turning 5 this year and i can’t help it but think of the day he won’t be here anymore…but for now i’ll enjoy his company to the max

Comment by fashionispoison

I cried for a week after my dog died at the beginning of the year! 😦
What was his name?

Ok this is hopeless… Juz here’s my cell. 97111737. Send me ur msn k?

fr sch

Comment by Terence Lim

hey everyone, thank you so much for all your support. (: i think about rupert quite often. (Especially since i live near a park and many of my neighbors have dogs). But thank you all, your kind words mean a lot (:

Comment by pinks

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