Don’t Burst my Bubble

Bubbles aren’t exactly my favourite shape, but i can understand why its got its supporters.

with images like that, how can anyone resist really?!

But then again, there are TEAMS of people who put in the time and effort to make the images come out delicious.

and usually, bubbles are worn at the waist, to balance out the proportions a bit better.

and for good reason!

would you rather have a big, but perky butt? or a big and saggy ass?? hahas.

Sarah + bubble : makes her feel like her behind is…

that size :/

– Sarah, trying to overcome her fears..


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andrea+bubble= makes her feel that she is only breats and legs.


Comment by Andrea

the first pic reminds me of a pirate! cool stuff. pinkie i will help you overcome the bubbles! embrace them!

Comment by jo

hahahahaha. my butt is pretty nonexistant so a bubble is nice for pretending there is something there…

i love the third skirt! eee i would wear that everyday. i would wear them ALL everyday.

Comment by kirstie

hello! may i know where u got the third picture from? may i have the link please? 🙂

Comment by Cat

the third outfit is by Erin Featherston, i think many bloggers are lusting over that skirt, Including me! Oh back to your bubble issue, well at least we know we can blame it on the bubble for the big butt! 😀 bubble is fun and cute, do give it a try.

Comment by pinktuutuu

andrea i like your equation! hahas. (and so different from mine!!!)

jo maybe? i just exercised yesterday (ran 5km) my legs are like jelly now.. but maybe (slowly) my butt will disappear.. then bubbles wont be that bad (in my head)

kirstie thats good. I suppose fashion is, in part, about creating illusions. (:

cat that skirt is amazing, is it!

pinktuutuu thanks for helping out with the link. (i got the image from a friend, so i wasnt sure what the link was) and yeah.. i think i will.. (:

Comment by wottoncool

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