Going Crazy: Disturbia
Saturday 30 August 2008, 6:10 pm
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I just caught Rihanna’s latest MTV, Disturbia…

And i got to say that the make-up and costumes crew did an AMAZING job.

It must have been awesome to style the whole video and go crazy with the make up and costumes (and there were so many different looks!)

Wish i could find better images…
but this is all i could find.

(images from here and video from here)

If only someone thought of putting the different looks into a magazine… *sigh*


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Too bad I hate Rihanna….. the styling is cool though…

Comment by susie_bubble

I think it’s really fun to do styling, makeup and what not for music videos. Imagine having not many limitations, especially with how many layers you can put on her… LOL. I bet you could blow powder off her face!

And I heard that Rihanna is down to the last 20,000 bucks in her bank account… Anyone believe that… seriously!

Comment by Sarah

I love your blog. Just recently stumbled upon it, but I especially admire your take on style. You have some awesome putting-outfits-together skills. Lovely!

Comment by the_kitten

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