Feather Party

A few of my friends and I will be having a feather party soon! We’ve titled it “Caberet” because that was the only nice sounding word (other than feather) that came to our minds.

Then I saw this on the Face Hunter

Can you say, “Awfully inspiring!” ? Haha. I have a feeling those two circular patches were actually meant to be worn on the head.

I think we decided on the theme because it’s an excellent excure for us to buy those gorgeous false eyelashes and have them on for an entire night 😀

From shu uemura,

I really like the first green ones, plus I recently got a nice teal eyeliner for $12 last week from a M.A.C. sale in school!

From Make Up Store,

These are pretty too, but they are more expensive than shu’s (!) and I’m not too familiar with products from Make Up Store.

I think I’ll just end up getting the second ones shu.

Feather party!!!!


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hawhaw you are using my lashies

Comment by linn

jo! i want to see pictures of your party ok?! sounds so exciting!

Comment by pinks

For what it’s worth, friend of my recently wore the spotted feather lashes from Shu to a party and she claims they were wonderful and comfy to wear.

Comment by kay

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