Paper trail

A friend introduced me to this origami blog, dedicated to all things origami related and inspired. (view it here) I LOVE its content!!!

Ana Hagopian, a jewelry designer from Barcelona. Her pieces are so delicate and remind me of fruits and flowers (doesn’t the above necklace look like raspberries?! *slurps*)

Well-thought and well-constructed, these bags by Ferry Meewisse from his line Frrry fold away and store flat. With seams and crease lines coinciding, can you say Genius!

Don’t know how much you can store in a Chloe alligator clutch like that. But who cares!!! i love it! (:

André Lima’s collection was compared and contrasted against possible design inspirations (and who knew you could fold paper and make it look like a crab!!!)

You can see the rest of the compare/contrast series here.

Marloes ten Bhomer is the mastermind behind these delicious shoes. It SHOWS that a lot of research and experimenting went into the materials, forms and construction methods.

(i want!!!!)

Last but not least… this series by Taketori BLOWS MY MIND! I think that the gloss of the paper makes it all the more realistic.

I think that if there was an origami heaven, it’d look like that. (:



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That blog is so inspiring! I am in awe of how people can be so creative… thank you for sharing!

Comment by Katie Rosemary

The origami shoes are the best!!

Comment by Sarah

i want to eat those raspberries!! have you seen the other designs on her blog? really really cool. the origami shoes are mindblowing too. he has other heel-less experimental couture shoes – i lovee

Comment by jo

this is incredible!

Comment by Iris & Pieter

In my geometry class, we’re currently doing a project on origami, so we watch a video saying how it took only until the the twentieth century for someone to apply mathematics and science to the art to make more complicated designs.
There’s also something about four basic rules, but I’m far too lazy to remember what it was about…

Comment by Veda

The third and fourth dresses are so amazing! Wow, that seriously just blew my mind.

Comment by Jills

beautiful stuff! the last set of photos are scarily realistic!

Comment by kirstie

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