Too Many Colours
Thursday 4 September 2008, 9:14 pm
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As I browse more and more blogs, I find myself wanting, or even bordering on needing more and more stuff, like the colourful Dries van Noten marbled slip dress that Jane from Sea of Shoes has.

Pictures from Sea of Shoes

Isn’t is gorgeous!

But what are the odds of me finding, or buying something like that?

Meanwhile, Jonathan Saunders for Target reveals some mad colour splashiness and blocks which is starting to grow on me.

I will be needing both the colourful jacket and button down dress in my closet!

Pictures from Nitrolicious.com

I think the shapes and cuts for this collection look really good. The styling is great as well – with the mix of solid colours and prints. I hope they turn out as well as I imagine them to be, because I really want them! Especially since the previous Go! Internation collections have been rather… dry..

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Those blue sandals of hers are very cool!

And that first jacket, black with brown trimming? ooo ahhh. Completely agree that the shapes and cuts are impressive.

Comment by melly

I’m loving all of those Jonathan Saunders looks…

Comment by susie_bubble

You’re right about the past Go International collections. I do like the concept and the designers so far have been pretty cool, but I wasn’t crazy over any particular piece.

That said, I really do like some of this collection!

Comment by Charissa

melly i know! for target it looks really really good and if the pieces turn out to look as good it’s really worth buying!

susie me too! i dunno, it is kinda like a tame version of you haha

charissa i can’t wait to get my hands on them (:

Comment by wottoncool

ah… the power of blogs. they too have influenced me on many a thing i thought i didn’t need and i’m feeling the same way you do about that dries van noten dress…

Comment by evie

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