5 Days with Sperry
Monday 8 September 2008, 10:34 pm
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I’m sorry but I cannot help spamming the blog with SPERRY SPERRY SPERRYY!!! I haven’t quite had a shoe obsession like that.

So to alleviate the harsh SPERRY SPAM, I shall channel my Sperry outfit posts to my new Chictopia “blog” (are you part of Chictopia yet? Add mee!!!) because I plan to wear Sperry for at least the next 5 days. I wanna see how much wear (or style?) I can get out of them.

Dress: Purple tank dress from H&M
Cardigan: Beige knit cardigan from Hong Kong
Belt: (worn as neck piece) Printed canvas obi from Munk
Bag: Beige zippy bag from Hong Kong
Shoes: 2 Eye originals from Sperry Top Sider

Ok I promise no more Sperry posts from now on 😡


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Those are awesome shoes, no shame in being obsessed with them 🙂 I once followed a girl to get a better look at them, and kicked myself for not asking. (But doubt they’d look good on my huge clumsy feet anyway.)

Comment by fashionaddict

they are sperry beautiful so even if u spam a bit more i dont think anyone will mind!!

Comment by melo

your dress is so blue and bright. it makes me happy seeing such bright color.

Comment by savvymode sg


I wanted to get a pair of Sperrys from Timberland recently, but figured I didn’t know what I was going to wear with them… You have now inspired me to get one pair for myself and start spamming them too! YOu just started a trend missy!

p.s Nice using the belt as a neck piece. I would have never known it was a belt if u hadn’t said.=D

Comment by Sarah

I stand with Sarah on this, don’t stop on the Sperrys!

Comment by greenlaundry

Sperry again? sperry good post if you ask me… Adding you on chictopia now! (:

Comment by Stephie

ok wait you added me already.

Comment by Stephie

Love the colour of your dress! 🙂 Yay shall add you on Chictopia!

Comment by Faithieee

fashionaddict you’ll be amazed that sperry’s actually elongate your feet! my boyfriend has really wide feet but with the sperry’s on they look pretty normal and cool at that 😀

melo, savvymode thanks!

sarah go go go and buy, then maybe we can trade outfit ideas (:

melly actually i thought the sperry’s looked very “you”, like it’d fit in with your wardrobe perfectly haha

stephie, faithiee thanks! yay now i have friends on chictopia haha

Comment by wottoncool

you think? i would go and try them if i’m in town then, i’m so unadventurous when it comes to shoes.

Comment by Melly

The little scarf is quite intriguing!

Comment by susie_bubble

[…] I wore my skinny belt as a necklace today. It actually isn’t the first time I’m doing this. I hope you don’t think I’m weird! My little sister commented it […]

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